Interactive Fiction as a way to remember memory palaces/stories

Hi there, I recently have gotten into memory training. I learned the Major System within a weekend and was able to memorize a story so now I can recall 100 digits of pi! So far the story technique is working a bit better for me than location based stuff but I’m just beginning so I’m experimenting with stuff.

I wrote down the story that I made for Pi but was thinking more about the location based stuff and memory palaces. I remembered when I was young I played a lot of interactive fiction and MUDs. I still remember whole continents quite well from some of these lands.

Anyway I got the idea to put the Pi story and experiment more with memory palaces/location based stuff by putting it into interactive fiction form. You can use a tool called Twine which is very easy and requires no programming:

If you save the stories/palaces you can play through them in an interactive way and even add sounds and pictures. I haven’t gotten into this so much yet but it’s more interesting than reading my story back to myself and I think it will help me as I experiment more with location based stuff versus stories, as the interactive portion really will help solidify those transitions.

Just an idea that I haven’t gotten too into yet but thought I would share.


Twine looks great, thanks for the recommendation!


Congrats to your fast progress, bongo. Just wondering: Isn’t your story inherently based on loci anyway? I mean, does it take place in a void, or is it actually tied to a certain location (or locations)? I also experimented first with stories - quite successfully, I believe - but determinining loci and stations before I even begin memorizing has proven to be the fastest and most effective way of getting things into my memory.

Can you expand more on your process? I expect that getting more into loci is what I need to do but it will take some time.

The story I have for pi does have locations but it’s not loci based. I think of it almost a bit like method acting. I imagine the person telling the story. It’s a story about something that happened at a location but it’s non linear and the story also inserts their feelings/opinions about things and switches around, just like natural speaking/storytelling. I have seen the limitations in this in that since it’s not loci based if I get stuck I get stuck and some of the random parts of the story I could miss or leave out chunks. But I’m just having problems ramping up with a full loci method, because although I can remember places really well, I think my recall is just about the same for pulling memories out of places/memory palaces vs remembering the thread of a story.

I think I understand what you mean. As long as your method works, why bother about loci or memory palaces. I would try out your method, if I wasn’t already happy with MPs/loci. Having said that, I have to admit that I also had some problems with them in the beginning. But now, before I memorizing anything I want to keep in my long-term memory, I first draw up a memory palace, or choose one from the repertoire I have already drawn and stored in a folder.