Instead of Speed-Reading, Better Summaries?

Hello, new to forum!

Was wondering about instead of speed reading (or in combination with it), anyone have any ideas on summarizing readings for essential content? Any good programs that do this (SummaryBots?)? I think there’s a simple Wikipedia project, which sounds like a similar idea but maybe not the same. Maybe a “tl;dr” (too long didn’t read) Wiki project, or a summaries and reviews project?

Also book summaries and reviews in general seem like ways to not have to read the book or obtain it to get a lot of its essential information.

The discussion could even go to the root of concise writing methods and writing for memorization and using/creating the best suited language for this goal.

The best summaries you ever find will be the ones you create for yourself.

A lot of people want a quick fix in this area, but the truth is that reading a book from beginning to end and processing the thoughts through writing aren’t old technology, but still new in human history. Relegating the task to machines is skirting the issue that what we really need is help from software to get more people reading and processing thoughts, not doing the reading and processing for them. Reading is thinking and even some of the best speed reading experts I know agree that a lot of material is best served slow even if you have the techniques for reading fast.