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I don’t think it’s fair to use what falsely claim to be IQ tests online as a metric to measure what IQ tests really are. All those tests are simply lying that they measure IQ. A true IQ test needs to be professionally administered and takes many hours to complete and is compared to A LOT of data-- specifically the Global Population.

You set out your thoughts very well. My respect. But there are holes in your arguments. The first one. Yes, I even think that Euler was the greatest scientist in the field of exact sciences of all time. Only Newton made the same contribution, but Euler thought exclusively with visual images, like Tesla or Einstein. He became blind only in old age, because cataracts began to progress in him. And this only strengthened his ability to visualize. The memory of visual thinkers is also very accurate, the same Euler could restore from memory the whole Aeneid. Maybe. this is due to the fact that you messed up. Recovering a song from memory is a type of sound image that has little to do with the phonetic loop that is used for thinking. There was a mistake with reading too. Perhaps you can read it by saying 1200, then explain how this is possible. In general, the reading limit with pronunciation is 500 words per minute. Yes, it’s not a bad speed, but you won’t be able to achieve at least Bill Gates reading speed of at least 770 wpm. About 1000 can no longer be a speech. Yes, I am not saying that everyone needs to abandon internal dialogue in an instant. But to solve really complex issues, good visualization is essential. Not a caveman anymore? The time that has passed since that time is a few seconds for evolution. Visual thinking has developed among scavengers for tens of thousands of years. The phonetic loop, however, arose only because a person had to learn speech, which is impossible without it. But this is still too imperfect a tool to use as the main tool of thinking. Auxiliary - possible. But not the main one. The secret of genius of any scientist we have listed is based on the combination of figurative and abstract thinking. So, to guess before the wireless transmission of current, Nikola Tesla saw how a pipe that fell into the water still emits something similar to smoke rings. I.e. It’s important not just to imagine well. One must be able to find really good associations. Mathematicians do not literally visualize mathematical concepts. They are abstract. But you can visualize these things on simple things, so that to understand the essence of the concept of symmetries, you just have to imagine a rotating table. In strategic games like chess, only visualization is used. To prepare well for a boxing match, the best method is to try to visualize this fight. Not all boxers do just that. But, as practice shows, all the best do it. Yes, but you are right, this is not a reason to abandon verbal thinking completely if it is very inconvenient for a person.

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Really? If this is due to the fact that i have messed up then I will be able to read 100-1000 books of 1000+ pages of science everyday if I don’t mess up.

I don’t have any sources for them ‘exclusively’ thinking in visual images but, the issue with this is that this prevents Euler from processing things visually he can only process things with sound. This didn’t stop him though.

sound image???

I don’t believe so because I actually at some point have managed 1080wpm with speech, software tested. Though this is not related to that number it is also possible to read multiple lines at once with speech, such as by translating the second line into a different language, or using different voices to represent each line.

Overall though, I am not downplaying visual thinking, I still think visually largely.

IQ tests have to be administered under controlled conditions by a trained examiner. Otherwise the results cannot be compared to any other results.

“Our circle of very patient friends included a couple of PhD psychs so with a little guidance and many iterations over the last decade and a bit you have the site you’re reading now”

This is some guy’s hobby. He presents no appropriate credential to show that he knows what he’s doing. The test is not endorsed by any academic institution or association of psychologists involved in psychometrics. It’s amateur rubbish.

Sites like these are essentially clickbait.

This is the list of IQ of smartest leaders of the world.

  1. Abdel Fattah(Egypt :egypt:) - 89 IQ
  2. Jovenal Moïse (Haiti :haiti:) - 92
  3. Mohammad bin Salman (Saudi Arabia :saudi_arabia:) - 102
  4. Cyril Ramaphosa (S. Africa :south_africa:) - 102
  5. Bashar al - assad (Syria :syria:)- 103
  6. Tamim bin Hamed Al Thani (Qatar :qatar:) - 103
  7. Andry Rajoelina (Madagascar :madagascar:) - 107
  8. Sauli Ninistö (Finland :finland:) - 108
  9. Alberto Fernández (Argentina :argentina:) - 108
  10. Muhammadu Buhari (Nigeria :nigeria:) - 109
  11. Ali Khamenei (Iran :iran:) - 109
  12. Mohammad VI (Morocco :morocco:) - 109
  13. King Vajiralongkorn (Thailand :thailand:) - 109
  14. Rodrigo Duterte (Philippines :philippines:) - 111
  15. Joko Widodo (Indonesia :indonesia:) - 112
  16. Barham Salih (Iraq :iraq:) - 113
  17. López Obrador (Mexico :mexico:) - 113
  18. Volodymyr Zelensky (Ukraine :ukraine:) - 113
  19. Michael D. Higgins (Ireland :ireland:) - 114
  20. Jair Bolsonaro (Brazil :brazil:) - 115
  21. Boris Johnson (United Kingdom :uk:) - 115
  22. Zoran Milanovic (Croatia :croatia:) - 115
  23. Hun Sen (Cambodia :cambodia:) - 116
  24. Muhiyiddin Yassin (Malaysia :malaysia:) - 117
  25. Prokopis Pavlpoulos (Greece :greece:) - 117
  26. Recep Tayyip Erdogan (Turkey :tr:) - 118
  27. Nguyen Phu Trong (Vietnam :vietnam:) - 119
  28. Marcelo Rebrlo De Sousa (Portugal :portugal:) - 120
  29. Ram Nath Kovind (India :india:) - 122
  30. Arif Alvi (Pakistan :pakistan:) - 122
  31. Scott Morrison (Australia :australia:) - 123
  32. Jacinda Ardern (Newzealand :new_zealand:) - 123
  33. Janos Ader (Hungary :hungary:) - 123
  34. Pedro Sanchez (Spain :es:) - 123
  35. Emmanuel Macron (France :fr:) - 123
  36. Sophie Wilmes (Belgium🇧🇪) - 124
  37. Erna Solberg (Norway :norway:) - 125
  38. Andrzej Duda (Poland :poland:) - 126
  39. Guõni Th. Johannesson (Iceland :iceland:) - 126
  40. Vladimir Putin (Russia :ru:) - 127
  41. Sergio Mattarella (Italy :it:) - 127
  42. Stefen Löfven (Sweden :sweden:) - 129
  43. Mark Rutte (Netherlands :netherlands:) - 130
  44. Moon Jae-in (S. Korea :kr:) - 131
  45. Sheikh Khalifa (United Arab Emirates :united_arab_emirates:) - 133
  46. Kim Jong-un ( N. Korea :north_korea:) - 135
  47. Justin Trudeau (Canada :canada:) - 135
  48. Mette Frederiksen (Denmark :denmark:) - 137
  49. George Vella (Malta :malta:) - 137
  50. Xi Jinping (China :cn:) - 140
  51. Reuven Rivlin (Israel :israel:) - 146
  52. Donald Trump (USA :us_outlying_islands:) - 156
  53. Ueli Maurer (Switzerland :switzerland:) - 160
  54. Shinzo Abe (Japan :jp:) - 163
  55. Halima Jacob (Singapore :singapore:) - 172
  56. Angela Merkel (Germany :de:) - 178

I found this beautiful channel ‘Watch Data’ in youtube where you can get many comparison or probability data.

Fictional characters ranked by their IQ .

And actually i filled many words from this channel in my number system.

List is here but for picture you have to check out the video.

Homer Simpson - 55 IQ
Forrest Gump - 75
Jon Snow - 80
Darth Moul - 90
Wolverine - 114
Captain America - 117
Darth Vader - 118
Harry Potter - 118
Luke Skywalker - 120
Catwoman - 121
Robin - 121
Obi-wan-kenobi - 123
Frasier Crane - 129
Hermion Granger - 130
Walter White - 135
Spiderman - 138
Howard Wolowitz - 150
Yoda - 150
Elaine Benes - 151
Harley Quinn - 156
Niles Crane - 156
Zoe Carter - 156
Lisa Simpson - 159
Professor Xavier - 165
Malcolm - 165
Comic book guy - 170
Raj koothrappali - 170
Leonard Hofstadter - 173
Penguin - 183
Hulk - 183
Joker - 184
Dr. Sheldon Cooper - 187
Sherlock Holmes - 190
Iron man - 194
Batman - 199
Sam Beckett - 200
Superman - 205
Martin Prince - 216
Aquaman - 246
Daenerys Targaryen - 275
Shredder - 300
Wonder Woman
Thor - 447
Loki - 476
Thanos - 1150 (Thanos is a super genius in all known fields of advanced science)
Q - 2005
Galactus - 2365
Rick Sanchez - 5150
Holly - 6000
Mister mxyzptlk - 211,051

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Lol, never.


Well , i don’t know about daenerys targaryen otherwise i told about that.

I just watched the video and mentioned the names here.

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On behalf of all fools, I am greatly offended by this statement :crazy_face: Homer Simpson is a genius - of the unorthodox sort - Come on! Great quotes by him:
“If he’s so smart, how come he’s dead?”
“Kids, just because I don’t care doesn’t mean I’m not listening.”
“We can outsmart those dolphins. Don’t forget – we invented computers, leg warmers, bendy straws, peel-and-eat shrimp, the glory hole, and the pudding cup.”

Read, enjoy and appreciate the value of a fool.

Hi lourensP , I am not insulting a single cartoon character , i just mentioned IQ of the character.

And one thing you also said that Read , enjoy , and appreciate the value of fool it means you know that he is fool.

But if someone has more IQ , this is not necessary that the person becomes very successful in his life , this is just a measurement scale like other scale (EQ).


I know, I was only jokingly trying to express my horror as I really do love the Homer Simpson character.

As interesting as fictitious.