Info for career use - stuck.

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This isn’t for homework but actually my career. I’m looking for a good way to memorise and recall easily the aircraft and their respective engine model(s) from the image in the link below. I use memory palaces for various other things but I don’t know how best to encode this particular info or group it for easy access and no confusion due to how dry it is and abstract How would you suggest it is best done? Please ignore all handwritten info.


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Can you upload the image here instead of embedding it from another site? (Embedding won’t work.)
To upload an image, click the image icon in the editor and then find the upload button. See the screenshot below:

Sorry. I was trying to do it on my iPhone, but I had to do it on a computer I see now. Please see below. Not sure why the orientation went landscape after uploading. Many thanks.

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One idea is to create three rooms in a memory palace:

  • Single aisle / narrow body
  • Double aisle / wide body
  • Not dealing with yet

Then each location in a room could represent one row in that table. I would probably only encode the number of engines for the planes with 4 engines. Since most of the ones in the table have 2 engines, you would only need to remember which ones are different.

Room 1

Location 1:

Create a mnemonic image for the aircraft:
A320 (A318-321)

and then maybe use a linking method to string together images for the engines:
CFM56-5A (older aircraft)

Location 2:

Then repeat for each row, moving to the next location in that room.




If that explanation doesn’t make sense, let me know and I could write it out in more detail. :slight_smile:

Thanks for the recommendation Josh. I’m definitely going to give that a try. I’ll report back :slight_smile: