Improving conmprehension and recall while reading

Recently, I took a few reading tests and found that my normal reading speed was well over 1000wpm. But, I found that my recall was sometimes poor, roughly 50%. How can I improve my recall when reading things like novels.

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Slow down and visualize, the optimal would be to visualize faster so reading can happen faster.
Just vividly approach the contents, if it speaks about fire, feel the hot air, imagine the flame and the smell of what’s burning.

I like this question that is being asked here, because this has always been a question in the back of my mind.

I too read things, and say when I get to the end of a chapter, I have no idea what I just read and my recall is poor. I noticed this alot when I was in undergrad, where I had to do alot of reading.

For fun, I’m currently reading Saul D. Alinsky’s book, Rules For Radicals. Very much political writings, about 200 pages and I’ve petered out on page 12. I was thinking about speed reading it, however I’m not sure how to visualize the content, since that is what is being recommended. Could you maybe give a specific detail and I could go from there.

For speed reading, I had to speed read the book a number of times before I got key concepts