Imposter Sudoku

Hey all!

I decided to share a new sudoku I made, again a unique puzzle in its set of rules. I found it quite tough myself, but if you like sudoku’s (and sudoku variants) I would love to hear your thoughts on this one! And of course see if everyone ends up with the same result.

It is a killer sudoku variant that I named the “imposter Suduko”

The rules:

  • Normal sudoku rules apply
  • Each 3x3 square has one imposter. This imposter digit still follows the sudoku rules (aka, one in each 3x3 block, row, and column) but it will count as being 0 to the killer sudoku sums. So if you have a sum of 14 with 4 digits, and you have a 5 in it which has to be the imposter, that means the other 3 in the block add up to the 14, rather than the sum of all 4.
  • The imposter in each block is another number, so you can’t have multiple 5s all being imposters. If done right, you end up with 9 imposters that are each a different digit.
  • All imposters follow the sudoku rules relative to both each other, and to their value. So you can’t have 2 or more imposters in the same 3x3 block, row or column.
  • A completed puzzle has all digits entered according to the rules and all imposters colored or marked.



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