IMM title is fairly human (i.e. achievable by average person who puts in the work), no?

How difficult is it to achieve the IMM title? I’m confident that I will be able to achieve a deck of cards in under 2 minutes. How hard is it to keep pace for 1 hour and do 10 decks and 1000 digits?

You need to achieve these at any event approved by the World Memory Sports Council, correct? As long as I can get to a competition in the US I would be interested in doing this.

This would be a really fun thing to be awarded. Please let me know if this is achievable by someone with a slightly aged brain (39 years next month). :joy:

P.S. How have I gotten myself sucked into this? Ha!

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If you want to use mnemonics then it can be achievable but, like you said, you need to put in the work.

Without mnemonics these feats are impossible for the average person.

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I would use mnemonics, of course.

it’s not any… there needs to be hour cards and hour numbers.

Ah, I see. So not every event has these events, I take it?

Ah, I see. So not every event has these events, I take it?

Actually, only the world championship held each year has these events, and you can win the title only at world championships.
It is worth mentioning that there are also titles given by IAM (International Association of Memory) based on your performance, refer this post. The benefit of these is that they can be obtained at any IAM competition and not just a world championship, though it would require more all round performance than 3 specific disciplines (I suggest using the term ‘discipline’ instead of ‘event’ to avoid confusion)

Multiple studies have shown that anyone can train their brain to improve their memory significantly. While it may not mean that everyone can achieve world record level results, the scores for IMM criteria should be obtainable by almost anyone with enough practice. If it helps, the 2018 IAM World Memory Champion Johannes Mallow is 39 years old :slight_smile:


Thanks for the clarification! Ok, so IMM is out of reach unless they happen to come to the US or Canada for the World Championship.

I wasn’t aware IAM gave titles. I will have to change my long term goal to being awarded a master title from IAM… If there is an event near enough to me after this COVID mess is over.

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