Imaginary memory "islands"

In the finnish high school, we have these impportant exams at the third year, which includes all our courses of the subjects we choose. Í’m going to take Finnish, English, advanced math, physics, chemistry and biology exams. I’m not worried about the language tests, but I’d want to remember about 500 important things about the other subjects.

But I can’t figure out any journeys that long (2000), so I thought about making this imaginary memory island of sciences, where are cities for each subject. We have 5-13 courses in each subject, so I thought about putting the key things of each course into a building, which I place in the city of the subject.

I’d of course draw pictures of these places, so that I don’t forget them.

Now could this work? Has someone done something similar here? I’ve seen only journeys about real life or videogames .

I have by the way a year until the tests.

I’d use a journey/palace for each subject, so you need palaces with about 500 locations (or, maybe, two or three palaces that total 500+)

500 is not as hard as it sounds - for example beginners often think of a kitchen as one locus, but actually it could contain very many if you divide it up - standing in the doorway, by the fridge, in the fridge, in the sink, on the draining rack, on the hob, in the oven, in the bin (trashcan), hanging from the light, and so on…

There is NO PROBLEM at all in using imaginary locations, islands, cities or whatever you want as memory palaces - just so long as you can visualise them vividly, and know the journey through them well (generally by mentally practicing it a number of times). I think most people use either real locations or (say) video game locations for their palaces is just because the visualisation is easier - but any location (real or imaginary) that you can visualise can be used.

that seems like a great idea.

Hey Mad Mike,

Check out this post for some ideas I pulled together on creating and expanding memory palaces.