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I cannot recall the images after memorizing .Please help me

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What steps have you taken to create your imagery and what kind of Memory Palace (if any) are you using?

Hi Anthony Meteiver I am one of your subscriber . I dont have any specific types of imagery I just see them whatever it comes in my mind . And I dont understand what kind of Memory Palace (if any) are you using?

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Typically we would do some exercises so we can both randomly create imagery and draw upon a stock set. I never treat it as one or the other, though I do tend to spontaneously generate β€œnew” associations in most instances in my own practice.

There are at least 5 kinds of Memory Palaces, and everything depends on your goals. What are you wanting to learn and remember better?

Thanks for the reply .It may sound impossible but my goal is to memorize 100+ words in a minute

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100 + random words

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I do not know if that is impossible or not. Have you looked at the latest records on the competition sites?

No what is the world record?

for memorizing random words?