I'm tired of my memory

next week I’m 30 years old and I’m tired of my memory because no matter how hard I try I can’t visualize images in my head and I feel like my memory is limited and because of that I will never be able to get world class achievements in memory as I want to get. I tried every think to solve it and nothing helped me so I think if I’ll try LSD or psilocybin mushroom it will open my mind. what you think? there is any aphantastic people who tried LSD or mushrooms and it solved their problem to visualize mental images in mind? and last think I want to say when I dream at night I can see images very vivid and sometimes I have visions when I’m awake but I have never these these things when I’m training with memory techniques. I’m really sick of it please help!!! :frowning:

Have you looked at the free resources from @metivier ?
He has tips to help people become more visually imaginative.


I don’t know how to help you but I wanted to say your memory already seems world-class to me.


Yes I saw his website and I read his articles and It didn’t help me :frowning:

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The whole notion of mental imagery is interesting.

I’ve only competed once, so can’t really say the extent to which not having them was a hindrance.

But since I started “seeing” mental images, I can tell you that I’d be very happy to have them go away. In my experience, they are an unwanted obstacle and haven’t really helped with forming powerful associative imagery.

They might do so in time, but I actually missed a card in a demonstration I was giving because of a mental image. Every other card was fine using other “levels” of association, but that one visual image through me. Still… it was a good demonstration otherwise. 99% ain’t bad at all.

Anyhow, @fogelmemory, please consider treading lightly with any chemical experiments. In The Victorious Mind I talk about the nightmare decades of anxiety I heaped upon myself by being a bit too cavalier in such realms.

Many people report great things coming out of it, and to each a zone. But there are risks and it’s wise to do a self-assessment before experimenting and be aware of potential consequences.

If the goal is purely to improve association, I think there are plenty of non-substance ways to achieve that, and as pointed out in this thread, you’re already very good. I’ve seen a few of your demos. Celebrate what you’ve achieved. :smiley:


Headspace has a very helpful video explaining the process of facilitating visualization