I'm not getting this and getting more frustrated

I’m struggling and frustrated trying to apply these techniques to learning. Other then speed reading various notes that I’ve typed up, I’m still find myself defaulting to what I was ingrained with, Rote Review.

I’m trying to pass another IT certification exam, AWS Certified Cloud Practitioner. I’ve been studying since late January of this year. I took a demo exam and failed with a 60%. Have to score 85% or higher to pass.

For study material I’m using free videos off of youtube and demo tests from Udemy that link back to other study material that I’ve printed off along with white papers from Amazon to try and prepare for this.

Please advise.

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What are you failing to remember for the tests exactly?

Apologies for the late reply. I hope you still read this

Firstly, stop doing both of that. Speed reading and typing.

Write notes with a pen, and read more slowly, taking in what you have written down.

That means you already have over two thirds of what you need done. You could fix that by learning the rest rather than blinding yourself with techniques.

I cant stress it enough

Learning mnemonics to study a subject you have to master right now is wasted time. It is like wanting to take notes, so you spend ages learning how to make notebooks.

Mnemonics become actually useful when you have the opportunity to set things up, which takes a few weeks easily.