I'm Baibhav,a science student and a new member. I just had some questions

Hey guys, its Baibhav here.I am a high school student of science. I’m new to this site and most memory systems . I had a couple of questions and I was hoping that someone would be willing to answer them for me.

  1. My first question is about the hotel Dominic method . I read the article and understood almost everything. However I was confused about how to remember the location of the data. For example if one had kept the periodic table of elements in location 6754 to 6900. How to remember where the info was stored?
  2. My second question is that could anyone refer to me a system or method by which I could study my science courses (biology, chemistry, physics) more effectively and for longer time?
  1. I recommend against the Hotel Dominic Method(and the method related SEM Cubed). But you just remember. When something is that long of a list, you just remember where it is, or could even jump around and find it quickly. If you are worried about it, you could always store it in an obvious place. Ie: PeRiodic would be stored in 94XX.

  2. I’m not sure what you are asking. Mental fatigue?


A ton of thanks for the swift reply, Bateman.
Thanks for answering the question number 1 .
For q no 2 ,I’m sorry I wasn’t clear before but what I meant to say is that retention for longer periods . But anyways, I have already found a method for it i.e revising after 1 day, then a month, then 6 months and so on.
But I’d be very grateful if you or anyone else could recommend a method for science courses which you or someone else might have benefitted from.
And speaking of recommendations, would you recommend for our against the Gavino’s Massive Memory Palace System. I thought that the idea was great, but was not sure if it really works out not.

Quick thing: 1 day, then 1 month is too much of a jump imho, I would do something like 1 day after, 3 days after, 1 week, 1 month.

Also, GMMPS is a great system. It does not have the drawbacks that Hotel Dominic or Sem Cubed have. It uses real(or semi-real) locations, small ones, to expand journeys/palaces. It works.


Well @Bateman can you tell me why do you recommand against using Hotel Dominic System and I also have two questions for you which are -
Is it because of low recall ?
Is more revision revision required when using the Hotel Dominic to store information ?


I think,they recommend avoiding such type of ‘systems/methods’,because the pegs get repetitive. I use both “Hotel Dominic Method” and “Alphabet Peg Method”. And I agree that sometimes they become repetitive…

However,I avoid this problem by using Memory Palace! That is it…Simple!! Even if the pegs are repetitive(ie,same person/character appearing again and again),the pegs appear in different environment in MP. So,it doesn’t matter whether the same character/person appears again and again.

The question then is,if I am using MP,then,why do I even need a “person/object” peg to be used? Well, If I use a ‘person’, I can make my visualisation better,more interesting and lively! I even link up my MPs and the Locis with the “Dominic Number Pegs” or “Alphabet Pegs”!! There are so many things we can do with this type of pegs!!!

@elitely You can use Hotel Dominic with a memory palace as told here , And it is a part of Magnetic Memory Method, Which I know is great,

I know,I can…

And I use this type of technique on regular basis…

But @Bateman doesn’t recommend this technique due to the repetitiveness of the ‘pegs’! That’s why I posted my comment above!! :slight_smile: