If I were to learn mnemonics again I would....?

If I were to learn mnemonics again I would create a number-rhyme system for 1-99.

I’ve been using the Major system for 25 years and when I read numbers I quickly see images associated with each number. Unfortunately, I am very slow verbally because my mind has to hear the number, visualise it, translate it into phonetics, and recall the image.

It has just occurred to me that a number-rhyme system would be much faster. I hear the sound and the image follows immediately. No translation. The image is tethered to the sound.


I would do it again.

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I’d use my current sound assignments from the beginning instead of the Dominic or Major System. Some of my images are still using Major System assignments, but I would have used different images if the existing images weren’t already well known. I still have a few faint ghosts of Dominic System images from 10 years ago.

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I like all type of association systems. Associating the digits to the sounds that rhymes is probably easier for the first 10 digits from 0-9.
It would be difficult but possible to create rhymes for 00-99.
I also like Letter-Rhymes, A is Ape, B is Bee etc.

The major system seems an easier option for 00-99 because it has a mixture of consonant and added vowel sounds, and can generate images easily. I think it is the best “digit to sound - sound to image” system.

Personally, If I was starting from scratch I would choose the number shape system from 00-99 as my main number to image generator.
Having said that, I still like using the major and the dominic systems because I find it works well with the number shape system, and each has its own use where a shape system may not be a good option. That’s when I use either Major, Dominic or a mixture of both.

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I’m not sure what I’d do differently If I were to learn mnemonics again…

But I now know what I’d ‘not do’,If I could start all over again…

I’d not waste so much time creating “Memory Palaces”,especially the artificial ones!

I’d not try to find a lot of Memory Palaces!

And I’d not obsess about Memory Palaces and I’d rather find out alternatives to Memory Palace technique!