Ideas Needed For Memory Event Between Top Athlete in Canada and Israel

Hey Everyone,

@fogelmemory and I are planning on putting together an online match between us. We are the top-ranked memory athletes in our respective countries, we both hold numerous national records, etc.

We are going to compete against each other in just cards, numbers, and binary events. We wanted to incorporate both shorter events, like on Memory League, and longer events too.

Does anyone have a clever idea how to do this? We’d also like to have it shown online for folks to come watch us duke it out. It’d just be short, medium, and long events in just numbers, cards, binary, spoken numbers.

Any ideas?


This will be interesting to watch.

Twitch and Youtube both can steam live events.

Are you going to use ?
How are you going to do the binary events?

This is what we’re trying to figure out. We may jump between ML and the IAM site. This is why we are openly brainstorming with the memory community, to see if anyone has good suggestions or ideas on how to handle this.

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There is a free software “Memoriad Simulator” and has all the events including binary.

It’s a professional memory training desktop software.

I think that may be another option.

You’ll also find some other softwares on that page such Flash/Spoken numbers which could be another great challenging event.

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