Ideas for (bypassing) major system

I’ve majored numbers from 0-100 and I can easily lock two digits in my mind, however I don’t want to memorize all the numbers individually from 100-1000, so is there a way to memorize three digits as quickly as two digits without memorizing all 1000?

How did you do that?

You can add first digit as colour.

Colour -
0 - white
1 - red
2 - green
3 - yellow
4 - pink
5 - black
6 - brown
7 - rainbow (colorful)
8 - golden
9 - strips (dots or lines)

Example -

56 - jug (2 digit system)

So 056 = white jug
156 - red jug
256 - green jug
356 - yellow jug
456 - pink jug
556 - black jug
656 - brown jug
756 - rainbow jug
856 - gold jug
956 - stripes jug

I think you got my point.

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I thought of a system in which the colors of flags are changed and there were 3 sets of ten colors in that system which when placed from top to bottom made an image which contained a three digit number which may have made it a 3 digit system but it did not work and I think that your system can be used for memorizing short digit s or may be digits even longer than that if you can find a way to get rid of the confusion in that idea which I also had and I think that many people had this idea.

Thank you, I’m currently testing your method. I hope I won’t lose speed.

I like the simplicity of this system, but I worry about two things. It does not seem easy to creat really distinct image that can retain the color information and (similarly) there are not a lot of handles for creating link. The PAO systems are harder to learn, but lots easier to link.

In my opinion, I think with this system there could potentially be a problem with a fast recall due to the similarity of the images. I think there should be more variety in shape and size and not just color because if you are memorizing things quickly you may not be able to distinguish the colors. I think one of the beauties of the 1,000 digit system is the variety that it provides and how it could be utilized to create creative stories. Experienced athletes emphasize in their interviews about making sure to be careful in the selection of your images because it is an investment.

It would be ok for short memorization, but terrible for longer events and maybe even long term memory.