Ideal time/average time it should take to rote memorize 300 pages. Please also review and help me chalk out a schedule!

Hello everyone. I’m not proficient in English, I’m sorry in advance if I repeat any sentences or make error.

I posted a similar question earlier today, but I’d like to be more specific. What, according to you and from your experience, should be the average time to memorize 300 pages verbatim? My most reliable technique is rote memorization. I’m scared if memory palace failed me then I’ll lose my time and energy. With rote memorization, it takes a lot of time to finish a task but it’s the old school method and I’m too scared to experience anything new.

Until now, I’ve rote memorized 3-4 pages for exam, that I memorized a day before the exam and forgot right after exam, so that was cramming. But now I need to memorize books, notes etc for long term memory.

I’ve to memorize 15 books verbatim. I plan to give it 2 months.

I plan to understand and memorize 15 theory books (500 pages each) in these 2 months.

So, I have 15 books (around 300 pages each) verbatim + 15 theory books (500 pages) and 2 months, starting from tomorrow i.e. 13.08.19.

I ask you to review my schedule because I’ve been committing blunders in past and jumping from one subject to another without proper management. For example, I started with Evidence law in June/spent 10 days in reading theory book/got bored/changed to Civil Law. Spent 15 days in reading theory book/realized time is passing by/rushed to the codebook (the Law made by legislation)/ tried to rote memorize the sections/exhausted. Tried to study a lighter subject/switched to Contract law/spent 2 days reading theory book/thought I should memorize the sections first/spent 3 days memorizing sections/didn’t revise/tired. Switched to Criminal law and that’s today. Today I memorized some sections in criminal procedure/kept taking breaks/around 20 sections only in the whole day.

I’m quite frustrated, as obvious. Neither can I plan a proper schedule but I keep getting confused about my books - whether I should memorize the sections first then read theory books and understand the concept? Or understand the concept first then memorize the sections? But I want to get done with the memorization part first AND I KEEP GETTING SO SO CONFUSED. I’m terribly sorry. I was “smart” in school but didn’t study and have a work ethic. I’m paying a heavy cost now. But there must be a way to change things. I’m ready to give in everything and I have given one month completely and am ready to give all my time to work ethics and studying from now. But I need help, because it seems that I can’t do it alone, especially the schedule.

This is getting longer and longer but bear with me. I’m a sorry student, this is my last resort.

My three problems are:

  1. Lack of concentration. Technically I start in the morning and continue till evening but time goes by before I know it. I keep taking breaks, day dreaming, bath, food, anxiety and the classic “SHOULD I MEMORIZE SECTIONS FIRST OR MEMORIZE THE THEORY FIRST”…

  2. No proper schedule. I’m terrible at time management. Sometimes it takes me 5 minutes to memorize one section. Sometimes I start and come back 25 minutes later, only with a vague “feeling” that I have memorized a section.

  3. I don’t revise. I give 100% to the first memorization but I don’t revise. As expected, I forget everything from the first session. This is big problem. But I don’t do this because I have no proper schedule.

My day goes like this: Wake up at 7 AM, brush, toilet, breakfast, start at 8, rote memorization begins. I keep getting distracted/tired. It’s 11 before I know it. Result? Around 6-7 sections memorized.

Next, I eat something, bath, come back sometimes later and finally start again at 12 noon. I soon get tired, eat lunch, it gets too hot here and I feel sleepy. So I fall asleep in the afternoon and get up by 4 PM. Then I regret sleeping and start the next session, till 6 PM. Result? 7-8 sections. Then I take a break. Get overwhelmed. Get back and rote memorize some more until 8 PM. Then I begin to question my life decisions, behaviour, past, present, future and my study habits. Then I come back to this website, browse some posts to motivate myself again… You get it?

I really don’t know where should I begin to address my issues. Because I’m not only confused with a daily memorization schedule but I’m also confused with the subject order.

I would like to know how much time should I give to a paragraph of 10 lines? It takes me 15 minutes. That’s too much. How much is the ideal time?

At this point I don’t know what else to ask. I have too many questions, too less words. I’m tired but excited. Interestingly, I have a knack for writing. I can write well and write a lot but I need to remember sections and concepts before I can write that in exam :smiley:

These are all very subjective questions and depends on too many factors. Also, you seem decided to have given up on any memory techniques (I dont consider rote to be a technique, its repetition).So I dont know how anyone could help you here. Have you tried what was suggested in your other thread ? I sure hope you give it a chance because as you already stated, your rote learning isnt doing the job fast enough. How many real-life examples of memory journeys and palaces on youtube videos like Nelson Dellis or Alex Mullen, etc. have you watched and try to replicate? Because seems to me you need a breakthrough and your obsession with how much ? and how much time? is blinding and perhaps killing any chances of a breakthrough happening. You need to put in the practice, the trial and error. But accept the fact that rote learning is not working fast enough as you have already realized.

It doesnt matter how much “time your give to a paragraph of 10 lines” what matters is that you learn it, no? as fast and good as you can…

Good luck, from the bottom of my heart

P.S Give the advice shared in the other thread a chance and share with us how it went, no matter how bad.

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Since I have answered before I will just give you the standard answer instead.

Use pomodoro method, make schedule that you stick to per hour or set minutes. Memorize the theory first as it lets you attach the sections.

Use spaced repetition, take with you a stopwatch so you can see how long you are spending and be motivated. Switch to a more systematic approach (vague means no system).

Use a scheduling spaced repetition app like anki because a lot of information is difficult to commit to schedule and revise manually.

People would tell you that you can’t expect it any faster especially with your methods and that the amount of information is too much but not me, if I was in your position I would just barely make it, giving you the standard answer however : count the amount of lines per 1 page , multiply by (30015+15500)?. Divide by time you have in 2 months. This is the maximum you should spend per line in time, now multiply this by 10 for 10 lines. Or simply said, calculate the upper limit, whatever you do , stay beyond the upper limit.

One helpful piece of advise I can give you is that.
“When you do nothing, nothing changes but when you do something, something will change.”
Indirectly this means you should keep awareness of what you have done before and that it did not work. You have wanted to try before but it still didn’t work, what is the difference from now and then. You need to do something different, be it having your frustration lead you to the end or just something new. A small difference can sometimes fix everything. Also look at what has worked before and take something from it.