IAM World Memory Championship 2019

The IAM World Memory Championship took place in the past few days in Zhuhai, China. Results can be found in the link below:

Top 3:

  1. Andrea Muzii (Italy) - 8170 pts (@AndreaMuzii)
  2. Purevjav Erdenesaikhan (Mongolia) - 7203 pts
  3. Lkhagvadorj Batbayar (Mongolia) - 7112 pts

Noteworthy Results:

  • World Record in 5 min Numbers by Andrea Muzii (572 digits)
  • World Record in 1 hour Cards by Andrea Muzii (1829 Cards = 35.17 Decks)

Thanks for the update. :slight_smile:

Worth mentioning is the fact that after this championship, Andrea has become the very first “Gold Grandmaster of Memory” according to the IAM system!