IAM European Memory Championships 2019

The IAM European Memory Championships 2019 are taking place today and tomorrow (16-17 November, 2019) in Lund, Sweden. It also works simultaneously as the Swedish Memory Championship. The competition follows the International Standard (the longest disciplines are 30 min binary and 30 min Cards).

Results can be followed in the spreadsheet below (it’s updated directly by the main organiser as results come in):


Some notable results from the first day:

@AndreaMuzii beat the World Records in 30 min Cards (23 Decks + 6 Cards = 1202 Cards) and 5 min Images (455). He already held 3 World Records prior to this; 5 min Images (428 -> now 455), 15 min Numbers (1122) and 10 min Cards (10 Decks + 30 Cards = 550 Cards). With his results from today, he is now a World Record holder in 4 disciplines.

He also beat his own personal bests (and thus Italian National Records) in 5 min Dates (122), 5 min Numbers (532) and 30 min Binary (4055).

His closest competitor in this competition is @Sylle who competed again for the first time since the World Memory Championships almost a year ago. No World Records for him, but he did beat 4 (of his own) French National Records in 5 min Images (353), 30 min Binary (4530), 5 min Numbers (412) and 30 min Cards (20 Decks + 6 Cards = 1046 Cards). Very impressive scores by him as well!

The top 3 after 6/10 disciplines:

  1. Andrea Muzii - 4982 pts (@AndreaMuzii)
  2. Sylvain Estadieu - 4342 pts (@Sylle)
  3. Susanne Hippauf - 2609 pts

The top 3 Swedish competitors after 6/10 disciplines (since the competition also doubles as the Swedish Memory Championship):

  1. Martin Nilsson - 1936 pts (@mrburt)
  2. Emma Andersson - 1896 pts
  3. Victor Bull - 1650 pts (@ViggoM)

The remaining disciplines for tomorrow are 15 min Words, 30 min Numbers, Spoken Numbers and Speed Cards.


Thanks for the updates! :slight_smile:

Is Jonas von Essen still competiting?

Not recently, no, but he’s still very involved in the memory world. I believe he was the one creating some of the data (words, dates) for this championship.

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If I recall correctly, he’s Idriz go-to guy especially for dates. He’s very creative with those. :smiley:
(this competition, Idriz came up with the words, though - not sure who usually does them)

Short update from the 2nd day of the event:
@AndreaMuzii and @Sylle kept it up with more great results. First they both set National Records in 15 min Words (268 and 263 respectively, placing them both in the top10 in the world of that discipline), and then they followed it up with 1955 numbers in 30 min (@Sylle - his first World Record!) and 1900 (@AndreaMuzii - 3rd best score of all time). They each broke one more National Record in the last two disciplines (200 Spoken Numbers for @AndreaMuzii and a deck of cards in 41.32 seconds for @Sylle).

Overall, both of them are probably quite happy with their results. @Sylle broke 6 French National Records and one World Record, and @AndreaMuzii broke 6 Italian National Records and two World Records. If you want to hear more inside info from the competition from the POV of one of the competitors themselves, you can check out @Sylle’s post on Facebook here.

All results can now also be found on the IAM stats page: https://iam-stats.org/competition.php?id=EUMC2019

Top 3 of the competition:

  1. Andrea Muzii - 8120 pts (@AndreaMuzii)
  2. Sylvain Estadieu/Arvidieu - 7186 pts (@Sylle)
  3. Susanne Hippauf - 4234 pts

Top 3 Swedish competitors:

  1. Martin Nilsson - 3164 pts (@mrburt)
  2. Victor Bull - 3053 pts (@ViggoM)
  3. Emma Andersson - 2699 pts