IAM American Region Election

Hi, My name is Simon Luisi and I am running to join the Board of the IAM committee for the American Continent Region. There are only 3 candidates in this election for this region and only 2 will make it to the IAM Board and so this is an interesting election. I am asking that you vote for me as I think I can play a key role in the development of the sport here in America and across the world. As a matter of fact, the two other contestants for this contest are friends and competitors who discovered about memory competitions because of my efforts in organizing and running memory competitions.

More statements from me are on the IAM website. Don’t hesitate to contact me at [email protected] if you have any question, or ask them right here.

If you live in America and have participated in any memory competition (including Memory League) in the past 3 years, you can register as a member with IAM online and you will be eligible to vote in this IAM election coming up later this month.

The cut off date to register as a member of IAM and still be eligible to vote is tomorrow, so please register today if you haven’t done so already. Thank you.

Hi every one,I am changing the statement that I had made here because the IAM Election Committee asked that I refrain from saying what I was saying. They said I was leading a smear campaign (obviously not knowing the facts because all I said was true.) They have informed me that what I was saying was neither good for me, nor was it good for the IAM. This leads me to think, "Who do I think IAM? " Ha ! Ha!

They wrote to me suggesting I needed to show respect to the other contestant. But I was informing everyone of the high level of disrespect that I have received in the past from the other contestants. I guess that the need for respect only starts when the election is on. Ok. , but hum for now.

Anyway, given this interference from the Election Committee, I have decided to modify my previous recommendation for this election. I think the best choice is to vote for me and only for me as this is the most certain way to help any candidate.

Please head to the IAM website for the candidates statements https://www.iam-memory.org/2018/05/iam-elections/

Thank you for supporting memory sports by voting on Dec 13-20 even if it isn’t for me.

How come no one from the USA decided to run? I guess every one thought some one else would run. This is so unfortunate.

I am deleting my previous comment here because the IAM complained about it.

Hello Simon. This is your thread here exactly as it was on December 8 when it was first bought to my attention, before you felt compelled to edit your posts: https://drive.google.com/open?id=1BsHIyeGOHjNWXPN1LtNuazqw45HRab483qUS5vwBEWM I will let everyone just read it all and judge for themselves. It’s tempting to respond in details and correct the record, but I’ll refrain from doing so because I have more important things to do and because I don’t think any good would come out of this exercise. Unless there’s something else that really needs to be addressed, this will be my only post here on this subject. Before I leave, here are just a few points, all related to the present situation:

  • It is indeed interesting how you privately asked for Braden to be kept off the ballot shortly before publicly starting your pro-democracy campaign. Nevertheless, I agree that it’s too bad that nobody from the US applied in time and I honestly wish that Lance was on the ballot. It’s of course completely fine with me if the committee decides to allow him to run. I’ll vote for him and Braden without any hesitation. That being said, it’s not my decision to make. And no matter what happens, Lance will of course still be very welcome to contribute in all kinds of way.
  • I don’t understand why you first wrote those fake praise of me and left them posted for a whole day before telling everyone that you were just joking. I don’t understand either why even after you had removed your explanatory post, you still decided to leave those fake praise up for another full day before finally taking them down. I’m not surprised that you don’t want me to be elected, but I really don’t understand why at the same time you seem to think it would be a fun thing if the two of us were to end up on the same board again. I’m sure you have your reasons, but I don’t think the other board members would enjoy that situation as much as you would.
  • You and I have a long enough history of collaboration, and until relatively recently most of that history was positive. I or Braden will indeed work with you again if it’s necessary. But whether or not it turns out to be the case, I think we should talk. This is what I told you 12 days ago in an email that you didn’t respond to. Ever since I got out of high school, I honestly haven’t had any significant long-lasting conflict with anyone else and I don’t enjoy having you as an adversary. I’m sorry to say that I’ve lost faith in online communications with you, but maybe just maybe some face to face talks could produce something different. You have family in Montreal right? Please contact me the next time you’re in town, even if it’s months or years from now. I’ll pay for the lunch and the beer and we’ll talk for however long we need to. I mean it. I’ll listen to everything you have to say and I’ll admit my fault(s) if I realize you have a point. I think it’s worth trying. If it goes right, maybe you will realize I’m not the evil manipulator that you seem to think I am.

I wish you the best in your personal life.


For everyone reading this, I apologize for all the drama. Hopefully things will calm down. You’re welcome to hear everything Simon has to say both publicly and privately if you want to, I only ask that you treat his version of events with some healthy skepticism. That almost certainly won’t be necessary, but if at any point in the future there’s ever any significant concern about my integrity or my behaviour, I’ll come back and answer any legitimate question people might have.

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It is great to see you engage in this election. I am glad you are stating that you would be happy to see Lance run. This is good for the IAM, and so rest assured I see some good in you.

Only Braden still needs to be heard on this Lance issue.

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Okay, so today is the last day of the campaign and I now just want to thank everyone who participated in it. It has been very stimulating and during that period, yesterday, I even achieved a new pb at Speed Card in the sub 50 seconds range with 20 good cards in 49 seconds, 4 cards better than my previous best. This shows that the campaign energy is affecting my memory positively!!

I want to say that I support democracy very much and I am so glad now to be heading down that lane with memory sports! I am very glad I participated in the process and look very much forward to amazing results which are sure to come in the years ahead. Thank you.

Well, since voting day has been delayed a bit, I am fortunate to have a bit more time to answer in greater details Francis’ other questions:

My “pro-democracy campaign” is always on. Rules do matter in a democracy. Based on what you were telling me at the time in that email, I did not see a reason why Braden should be excluded from the rules. I felt as if you were taunting me, as if you guys were breaking the rules again and were getting away with it! After my discussion with Guillaume of the Election Committee, I realized that what you had told me wasn’t completely accurate either and so I withdrew my complaint while critizing the inaccurate incomplete information that I had received. As far as who I will vote for, I think that my vote will go to you Francis since you are a fan of mine as you want to buy me a beer and maybe for Braden as well since you like to work with him.

Since you had stated previously that you were unwilling to work with me on a board again, I figured my presence on the IAM Board would be good enough to keep you from joining. I guess I was wrong. What happened? Both of you forgot how bad it is discussing issues with me on a Board?

I am skeptical of your claim that you or Braden would be willing to work again with me: I remember the last time you considered that idea. I was trying to make a deal with you as I was not happy with the outcome of the situation that we were in, with you and Braden going your own way to start a new board. I had offered you to organize the upcoming 2017 Canadian Memory Championship at your complete discretion, without interference from me. After some thoughts and deliberations, you rejected that offer and instead offered me to work on your board in the form of an official advisory capacity but that no, I would not be on your board itself because you and Braden remembered how it was with me there and you didn’t want to go through that again.

So, I am glad to hear your words here. Either you have forgotten how it is with me on the Board of the Canadian Memory Championship or you are not telling the whole truth here. What are the humiliating conditions I would be required to accept in order for you and Braden to want to work with me again?

Right now, you try and sound like a peace maker because this will make you look good in front of the members and may help your chances of receiving their votes. Therefore I would ask people reading his friendly words to me here to be skeptical of his kind offer. I think it is meant to score points with you. I have things to say but I don’t say them becsuse he warned you to be skeptical with me and so you might not believe what I would say. But if you are going to make an honest kind offer of reconciliation to someone, will you, in the same message, tell everyone to be skeptical about what “he” has to say, as if you had heard me say something that make you skeptical of me (a joke?) and that others need to be warned about me as well? You merge your reconciliation offer with another insult. It is not sincere.

If you think someone is much deceitful, isn’t it best not to try to be their friend? Francis talks as if I had started some sort of adversity with him but I started the Canadian Memory Championships in 2012, and he would… no I can’t go into that because you have been warned to be skeptical and I think this is unbelievable. To me, this post from Francis to which I am relying and which includes good wishes for me is just more unbelievable propaganda from him. Please read it with the same degree of skepticism that he recommends that you read my words.

Have a great day everyone. Democracy gets stronger as more people vote and weaker when people lose interest, so please make sure to vote tomorrow. Thank you!