IAM American Election- Having 6 Regional World Memory Championships

During elections, it is always interresting to hear about what candidates hope to achieve, and I brought up in my candidate statment the idea of having 6 regional World Memory Championships. I think it really is the way to go to grow the sport. I don’t think it will ever make sense to have just one world championship in America. Unless you can generate big sponsorships, and this does not happen regularly in our sport. So having up to 6 regional championships is the way to go. This is how we can generate more interest in the sport quickly and increase the level of fairness of the sport by making it more accessible. So, besides me, anyone else thinks this is a good idea?

In my experience building the sport in Canada, the more memory competitions you run, the more people will eventually be interested in the sport.

Would you guys support a regional world memory championship here in America in 2020? If you do then I am the candidate you need to vote for this year. Thank you.

The idea to have only one big competition somewhere with all athletes together is has its roots in the Olympics where you bring people from all over the world to compete but the Olympics aren’t a democratic organization ran by volunteers. So, I certainly feel that the format I suggest certainly would definitely be preferable.

Please do express your support for this idea right here if you like it. It could help create the kind of momentum that would be needed to turn this dream into a reality.

Thank you.

The term “regional world championship” doesn’t make any sense to me. If a championship is regional, it isn’t a world championship!

Clearly regional championships are a good thing and already happening (e.g. the European and Asian championships this year), but I think a world championship is important as the ultimate competition for people to aspire to. World championships happen for all kinds of games and sports - chess, darts, scrabble, rock paper scissors - and I don’t see any reason not to have one for memory.

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Namesake, in Canada, we have had an Eastern and Western championships held in different parts of the country at about the same time and based on our assessment of the results, we
were able to declare a Canadian Champion based on the regional results.

The same would be possible at the world level. Also, these world regional championships could be the qualification round for a world championship that would involve just the top memory athletes from all regions. In chess for instance, they do not have one big round robin tournament to determin their champion, and so there is precedent to having regional championships. In the world championship of public speaking, they too have several regional championships before the world championship. The key here is to be able to involve more people in the process of finding our world champion.

I believe that having only that one big yearly competition to determine our world champion is not our best option to move the sport forward quickly.

Ah, it seems I misunderstood you.

A distributed world championship, where competitors gather at one of several places around the world to compete, could work, although the different time zones might be a problem. There are 3 possibilities:

  1. Everyone competes simultaneously, which may mean some people competing at night time
  2. Scores are withheld until everyone has finished competing, which seems to remove some of the excitement from the competition
  3. Competitors competing later would have the advantage of knowing some of their rivals’ scores in advance

None of these are ideal. Perhaps the first is the least bad.

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I think having some competitions at night would be a bad idea because it wouldn’t be ideal for some memory athletes.

Delaying the scores wouldn’t work well either in my opinion because each regional championship would have their own winner and you want to know who won right away for sure.

So my preference would be for allowing some competitors to know in advance what scores they need to achieve in order to win it.

Since the world championship takes place over 3 days, this advantage would be a factor but it would not be too great. Furtheremore, the words, name, number ,etc memory disciplines could not be exactly the same for all because cheating would be too easy. So, the overall difficulty of the memory disciplines would vary. So, the event would be fair for each region but the overall scores may indeed fail to trully identify the best in the world.

Yet, if depending on the results, and after carefull consideration, the IAM Board could announce the overall world champion if one contestant was clearly dominant. Or run offs could be announced between the regional winners and that could take be similar to a play off overtime and it would be extremely exciting.

What do you think?