I will be posting about 20 pages of the entirety of a small book on memorizing here(You can click here to read a part of it if you want)

I am writing a very small book on memory which I will be sharing in its entirety in this forum.
I am writing that book using A.I and a single paragraph of the book(548 words, about 2 pages with out fillers is below and if you are reading this it is likely that more content has already been posted,




To get the 5-fold synesthesia, take a word, such as “hospital” and visualize the Hospital Remember the smells of that hospital Remember the sounds of that hospital Remember and exaggerate the smell and taste of the word “hospital” Imagine being in that hospital. Feel what it feels like to be in a hospital. Do this for all the words you read and over time this will become automatic and you will be able to remember more words you read using your senses with remembering the, smell, sound and touch and taste of that word with the help of its visualization.

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Read a sentence and select a keyword of its main idea and break that keyword into two parts,Ex-Point= Pointer-Mint,and keep those two objects together in your visualisation and then you need to break down the names of those objects and combine their relevant parts into a word to reconstruct that keyword and you then recall that sentence by using that keyword and you can have the same keyword in a few places instead that keyword being unique,However this system will only work for familiar texts.

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Write the name of the relevant chapter in a box, and write a different keyword of each topic that you do not know by drawing a line from it and dividing that line with a subtopic which you don’t know that comes under it and then learn those things that you don’t know by grouping those topics and subtopics into blocks and making a to-do list and setting aside some time to study them!

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The human brain can store an unlimited amount of information and it can store 1 to the power 800 connections and even the synapses and the molecules in your brain may store, perform computations and store information and everything in the human brain is stored in color form and they are retrieved by two processes one which makes sure that the neurons in the brain which may also store color fire together and the other one makes sure that the neurons in the brain which stores information do not fire together and potentially when the neurons fire together in the hippocampus fire together the memory in the Hippocampus gets glued and when the neurons in the neocortex do not fire together the processing of the memory is aided.

And credit to theconversation for some of these words.

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It is unnecessary to use your hand in speed reading, and you can associate numbers with pictures and vice versa and read at 60 wpm while counting these “Visual Numbers” in your head, which reduces and eventually ends the dependence on hand movements for those who rely on hand movements.

And the average person reads about 300 words (about 5 words per second), while a person reading 1 paragraph per second reads 7200 wpm.

Some tips for reading

You can split your visualisation on the left side of your head into two mental screens separated by a line, and do the same for the right side of your head. and by doing this and also trying to read the left column with the left side of your mental screen, and trying to read the right column but not reading it on the right side of your mental screen, which will help you remember, and on one side you can also imagine an anaconda that will eat you if you do not read quickly and it is important to know the parts of a page that should be read and the parts pf a page that should be skipped.

And maybe some of Howard Berg’s words have been used here.

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Could you please expound on this? I do not seem to understand. Do you mean creating a zone in your mind separated by a line and putting visualizations there? Or are you referring to dividing the page into 2 zones?

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Creating two zones in my mind with each zone being separated by a line,