I want to sneak around without being detected

When I log myself out, the comments still show that r30 is logged in (although the ‘Currently active users’ in the main page doesn’t). It can even continue so long as 45 minutes (or even longer), also when I close the browser, then open it again and reenter the site. Have also noticed it does the same with other users. (site saving their IP address issue?)

I mean, what impression does it leave of me, when I log out and then everybody sees how I sneak around being unlogged (deduced by the comment and main page being different thingie). I want to be invisible, just like Batman!

Funny Batman video. :slight_smile:

The new server has a lot of caching layers on it. Does it still do that if you try with a different browser? Or press ctrl-r to do a hard refresh?

If it changes to off-line when you use a different browser or press ctrl-r, then what is probably happening is that the server is telling your browser to keep those pages on your computer instead of reloading them from the server on each visit.

To reduce load on the server, visitors who are not logged in don’t always fetch new content right away. You may be viewing a version of the page that is saved on your computer. Other visitors are fetching a different version of the page.

If you still see the online status in different browsers, and you would like to remain hidden, I’ll see if I can turn that off.

I logged out, did Ctrl+R, nothing changed. Still shows logged in

Then I entered artofmemoty with IE (unlogged), still shows online.

I’m going to be offline for the next 15 min. Do you see me online?

I think the software turns off the notification after 10 or 15 minutes. You would still appear logged in for that length of time after you’ve logged out, even if you try one of those methods. You shouldn’t appear to be online for 45 minutes though.

I can completely remove that status message on user posts if people want…

13 minutes after your post, you are now showing as off-line here while I’m logged in. The non-logged in version (ctrl-shift-p in Firefox) is cached and still shows online.

It’s no problem for me to completely remove the status message. Just let me know.

I’m fine. Bateman may have issues with it, though. He is such a character in a nutshell, I wouldn’t make him angry, Josh!


Didn’t see those last 3 jokes yet :smiley:

Nuts? Nutshell? I’ve watched American Psycho maybe 10 times, read the book thrice, I still don’t know what you’re talking about. Wait a minute… ‘… in a nut’s hell’ :evil: ? The Universe in a nutshell by Stephen Hawking?

Argh! :drunk: My brain can’t comprehend these jokes! Unless the nuts thing is just referring to crazy, but I’m looking for the double entendre! Bats in the belfry= crazy(surprised eminem hasn’t used it yet, he’s used pretty much every term for crazy before(ie: my noodle is cockadoodle, my clocks cuckoo, i got screws loose, yeah the whole kit n kaboodle. "I could have been another one flew over the cuckoos nest)).

Perhaps I’m looking for more complex meaning than there is…

Cuz, I’M BATMA… err… wait a minute… I mean


Also, what do you mean by; “the comments still show that I’m online”. What comments?


The answer to all your questions can be found here.

If you log yourself out, and go to a random comment you have posted, that ball next to your avatar picture can still be red and say ‘Online’ for some time, although the main page doesn’t show your name. Leaves an impression you’re sneaking around in this forum, without wanting to be noticed, and you really suck at it, like that Batman video :bigsmile:

I can live with it, but can you?