I want to learn Latin

Hi, I want to learn latin from a university course I would like the curriculum of latin of the ENS ulm or any prestigious university. I know it’s hard but I want something prestigious so I am encouraged to study. I would like the Major or Licence.

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Hi ! If you’re a French student and a total beginner, I strongly advise you to cast an eye over a student’s previous preparatory class (“Hypokhâgne”) lessons at : philo-lettres (at the ancient languages section)

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thank you
where can i find it

It might be this page:

Learning vocab and rules of grammar are important when learning Latin, but understanding the concept behind the parts of speech, declensions, conjugations etc. requires a solid understanding of the core grammar, which is quite hard to find online. I recommend getting a teacher, or maybe purchasing a textbook such as Outlon’s, Taylor’s or, if you are feeling daring, Kennedy’s Latin Primer (which is more like a reference for grammar.) As for you desire to learn something prestigious, I’m not so sure it is a good idea. Latin and Greek are great if you want to learn about how ancient civilisations affect us, or read the literature from the giants whose shoulders we stand on, but how prestigious a language is? You may as well learn how to speak a language with a posh accent!

I apologise for the harsh words, but I hope you try to take a different approach to learning languages. A wrong outlook will set you very far back, and is difficult to change.