I want to create mnemonics quickly and on the spot


I heard memorizing cards can improving mnemonic creation speed, however, I am worried that kind of effect will only apply to cards and it won’t carry over to me remembering license plate numbers, table orders, my notes for homework, I just want to effectively use memory tricks for everyday convenience and maybe impress others in the process and if you guys can provide help it will be greatly appreciated :slight_smile: .


(selmo'i cu se nintadni) #2

Any type of mnemonics which rely on the method of loci (so, basically all of them, more or less), will improve your ability to attach images to locations and to eachother (which I take is what you’re saying with “mnemonic creation speed”?) because they all use that technique. Now if you’re talking about coming up with an image to represent a given thing, then yeah, the type of practice probably matters. Maybe try practicing “words” on memory league? That might be similar to what you’re trying to do.

In general, you improve at what you practice, no matter the subject matter. Anything mnemonics related will have a lot of positive overlap with other mnemonic techniques, but if they were identical, they wouldn’t be two different mnemonic techniques, but one.


(Simon Luisi) #3

I think your worrying is misplaced. Start training today is the best advice I can think of here. Good luck!



Sure, I’ll give that memory league thing a try and thanks for the reassurance!



I have recently been memorizing cards… I can at least memorize a full deck and I can say each time I do it; it gets faster. It gets faster because I am creating linkages within the pictures, logic/funny/interactions etc, all of those things have been allowing me to re-use what has been working for card memorization to other areas. When I memorize something historical I can apply the same techniques to those areas. You will notice yourself memorizing more easily. Decks of card can be looked at as increasing your sets and reps at the gym. The more you do, the more you can do and the faster and more easily you can do it. It is very natural and fun just like going to the gym.