I wanna ask about the systems of memorization

I read about many systems like major system and Dominic system and there is a category system and others in the wiki
I hope everyone tell me about his experience with those system
And how to build my own system

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Sure I could tell you how I have spent half an hour most days since the start of September learning to memorize a deck of cards using a mix of ‘Association’ (ie The King of Clubs is Elvis) and the Major (2 of Spades is ‘SaNdy’ from ‘Grease’) and how I have tweaked things as I go along BUT TBH it helps you little. What WILL help , and i mean this in the kindest possible way: JUST DO IT ! You grab a deck of cards, watch a video or two on youtube and make a start. Even if cards really aren’t your thing, its great practice.
Or find some information you REALLY want or NEED to remember and make yourself a memory palace …

How long it does it take to memorize a full deck ?

It took me about 4 weeks of half an hour most days to be able to memorise an entire deck (with a couple of mistakes) and my time to memorise those first full decks was about half an hour a deck.
But that’s me, with my alcohol damaged brain. You will be different…and probably much much quicker.

Is memory palace working with memorizing books and topics ?
I mean my study depend on memorising a massive amount of informations
Is it work with that?

If you want to memorizing numbers
If you know Hindi language then you can see my pronunciation system
If you want other choice then you can try shaper system of erol.
If you like Dominic system and still confused in names you can follow this link for names

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Is there any social media account i can text u there?

You can simply touch in my image there you can see my system

Ok thanks

If you look at the top of the page , in the header bar, there is a ‘Resources’ button. Lot of good stuff there.

Memory palaces work with pretty much everything! If you want to start using Memory Palaces for studying then http://www.magneticmemorymethod.com/yt is a free course that has been designed by someone who used mnemonic techniques to get his PHD .

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