I think people want to ruin my life

When I play in memory league I always say bad things to remember the numbers and the cards and I think hackers broke into my pc and took videos of me and now they want to publish it and ruin my life :frowning:

On what basis are you making such assumption? Did something happen?

If they asked for bitcoin, you could just be the recipient of a common scam email. Google “bitcoin sextortion” for more information. Scammers scrape thousands of email addresses off the internet, then blast out scary threats to their victims claiming that they have compromising webcam footage that they’ll release unless they receive a ransom. It’s all nonsense.

Odds are they haven’t compromised your system – they’re just nasty liars. And if it seems like they’re sending you threats from your own email address, they’re just spoofing it.

It’s a known scam. Ignore.

Here’s how it goes. Some hacker cracks a database at an ‘adult site’ and sells all the email address with PWs to some scammer. Scammer then bulk emails all the addresses saying.

“I’ve got evidence you visited naughty sites”

“I have records of the material you viewed”

“I hacked your computer camera and took pictures of you ‘enjoying’ this material”

“Send me $1000 or your wife/employer/church will find out”

It’s bluff. All he has is your email and PW. I get these and I don’t even have a camera on my PC. He relies on your guilty knowledge to supply the rest of the evidence. He sent out thousands and thousands of these. If just a handful bite he’s ahead.