I struggle to understand the how to

I am willing to put the work, but I have always struggled to understand how to create memory palaces and use them.

I want to memorize books (philosophy) I already understand. I want to be able to memorize verbatim some of them because I love them. On the more practical side, however, I want to have a better memory and for this, I want to practice, but I am not practicing correctly. I put in the time, but applying the techniques wrongly, with no improvement, makes me so sad.

Can you give me 2–5 short exercises I could start with. I am not looking for a shortcut, but for exercises I can actually do and see some improvement in my memory.

The exercises need to be simple, with few steps so I can apply them and after a while, I can be able to move forward to more complex ones.

I already do the following:

  1. Recall my day before bed.
  2. Try to make mnemonics while practicing here on the memory league and memory games. The most I could do was to recall 8 words in the correct order. :relaxed:
  3. Try to remember passages of the books I want to memorize, but it is a waste of time in the way I have been doing it since I do not even know if it works at all.

So, if you have a set of short routines that I can apply and improve, please share.

Thank you

Im n0t sure 0n how to use palaces on mem0rzing b0oks verbatim… 0n my little kn0wledge, mem0ry palaces is a c0llecti0n of p0ints/places u ch0se where to put inf0. I started ch0osing my bedr0om my 1st palace. I chose my cabinet, tv table and my wind0w. S0 when i tried to mem0rize spiderman, batman and ir0nman, i imagine it as 1)spiderman swinging 0n my cabinet
2)batman shaking may tv
3)ir0n man flying thru my wind0w.
So when i try t0 recall th0se three charactrs, when i l0ok at my cabinet, then i remembr spiderman swinging there. I just try t0 0rganize them cl0ckwise, s0 i w0nt be c0nfused which is first. As u g0 on, y0u might try t0 add things u see there. 0r u might add 0ther r0oms 0r part 0f ur h0use