I started memorizing a deck of card today

It took me 35 minutes to memorize a deck of card using Mind Palace method. Can anybody tell me how long (a month?)should I practice to make a significant improvement on my memorizing speed(maybe to shorten the time in to 20 minutes?) ? Thanks!

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35 minutes is a good first time!

If you do one memorization a day, you might be able to do it as quickly as one/two weeks. If you want to go faster, you can run through a shuffled deck and just imagine the images you have for each card. No memorization or locu, just forming images.


What is a suitable method PAO or non-PAO and should I get

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Whatever you like :slight_smile: I use both myself. PAO for a large amount of numbers or permanent information (so the number is in one image), non-PAO for speed runs. Some people use only PAO, some only PA, P or something else, some mix it up.

You could, but I personally never bother. I don’t do competitions, so I never had a use for one. The stopwatch on my phone is enough :slight_smile:


Thanks for your nice words! I hope to improve my always-forgetful memory, thanks for your information~

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Thanks, I am trying to figure out a good system to use for cards. Though I believe I should start with the simplest one.

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An update to my card memorizing process.
This is the 7th day of my mind palace journey to memorize a deck of card. The most difficult part was indeed relating to a specific card to a certain celebrity, but after one week of trial, it became easier than when i started. Today, I used 20 minutes to memorize all of them(but got 3 wrong, yike!) People in this community seem super smart and I saw plenty of people did it in 10 minutes in their first trial, which is super. Although I felt frustrated at first, I decide to keep on going. At least, I can be better than my past self. Hope I can improve next week, and shorten the time into 15 minutes!

i am new to this card memorizing thing too, but my timing has been sort of good (i can do it under 8 mins, but i want to come under 2 mins).
how i went about this while starting :
first of all it took me more than a week just to finalize my PAO list. Then…

Day 1 - i memorized the Person-Action-Object of a suite(started with Diamond).
after the association is done in my mind, i practiced with that suite only, shuffled the Diamond suite and tried to recall the images.

Day 2 - Memorized Suite of Hearts PAO, after the Association(Around about 30 mins of practice) is done, practiced with Heart suite only. shuffled the suite and tried to recall the images.
at the end, mixed Diamond & Heart Suites, and tried to recall the images 3,4 times.

Day 3 - Practiced with Diamond & Heart suites(26 cards), in first few attempts i clocked around 7 mins for memorizing 26 cards. but got the best timing of 3.73 mins.

Day 4 - Memorized suite of Spades, after the associaton, Practiced with suite of spades only.
for about half an hour practiced again with mixed Diamond & Heart Suites with perfect recall and timing fluctuating between 4 to 5 mins.

Day 5 - Practiced with suite of spades(Shuffled and tried to recall, recalling spades is proving a little difficult even now :worried:)
for about 1 hr practiced with mixed Diamond & Heart Suites with perfect recall and timing fluctuating between 4 to 5 mins.

Day 6 - Same as above :point_up_2:

Day 7 - mixed Diamonds-Hearts-Spades suites and made my 1st attempt with 39 cards…a perfect recall… clocked 10:52:22.
in subsequent recalls was able to clock better, with the best timing of 9:74:09.

Day 8 - Practiced with 39 cards - Diamonds-Hearts-Spades suites -
now facing ghosting issues…made 7 errors in total.

Day 9 - Same as above :point_up_2: , Ghosting is a big issue. on the bright side i am clocking around 7 mins now.
looked up internet for avoiding ghosting, came up with a solution… i need more Journeys… atleast 10 of them.
made Two 18 peg Journeys.

Day 10 - Practiced with 39 cards…errors…errors…Ghosting continues…new journeys still not that good in my memory.

Day 11 - Created 3 more journeys(Have 6 in total now), Practiced with 39 cards…2 errors…timing 5.81.07.

Day 12 - Practiced with 39 cards…no errors…constantly timing around 6 mins.

Day 13 - Time for Clubs suite…Associated the cards with PAO…practiced with Club suite for about 30 mins.
threw in all the 52 cards in the mix and started my 1st full deck recall…my mind started hurting midway…cards do not seem to end, too many cards…felt so exhausted that couldn’t bring myself to go check how much i can recall out of 52…end of the day.

Day 14 - Practiced with 39 cards for about 30 mins…Practiced with Club suite only, for 20 mins.
mixed all suites(52 cards) and started in search of my 1st successful recall of 52 cards.
8 cards are missing from 52.
2nd attempt of the day - 14.67.35 … my 1st successful recall of 52 cards :grinning:
3rd attempt - 3 cards missing…timing is around 14mins.
4th attempt - another successful recall…timing is just within 15 mins.
5th attempt - successful Recall … 15 mins mark
end of the day.

**today is my 22nd day of practicing cards.

This :point_down: was also helpful…

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Thank you for sharing!
Yes, I felt pretty confused about relating a card to its corresponding celebrities or people, I kept referring back to a table I made to help recall, and it surely delayed the process. Now, i can recall all the images of the cards but the speed of recall is not satisfiying.
I find it easier to recall if I imagine the people interacting with each other, for example Mickey mouse (SPADE 3)dancing to Justin Bieber (CLUB 6), but am I doing it right? Is it an effective way of memorizing?
And sometimes when i imagine my favorite singers, i hear him or her singing for too long :joy:, which is time-consuming…
It seems your “preparation” stage is longer, but well worth it! I will add a card recalling session to my next training. And the link is really helpful.
Thanks, and have a nice day! :smile:

Update to my card memo practice:
Day 9, 18min (50/52)

For me Diamonds & Hearts were too easy, but recalling spades & Clubs was mentally exhausting.

So i made four rooms, placed the suite(a gigantic one) at the entry point,and the "Ace of that particular suite standing at the entry point and interacting with me as i approach and then doing his Action.
remaining 12 Persons doing their Actions inside the room.

Now i never need to refer my excel sheet.
If the image doesn’t pop right away, i glance in the room of that particular suite. Hardly takes 2 seconds.

Singing is an abstract action(the combination of Different PAO makes it abstract, for e.g. Thor Sings Magnet - a somewhat difficult picture to visualise due to abstractness of the action), while making my PAO, initially i had many such actions/objects that were abstract. And that abstractness made the recall difficult.
Like i had…
~ Thor summons Hammer
~ Magneto Manipulates Magnet
~ David Blaine Levitates in Air

In the 3rd one “Air” is an abstract object,which made my recall difficult.
In my now PAO list all the actions and objects are Tangible.

I’m also at the beginning of my journey, and for me, I realized that I wasted time by one not knowing the images well enough and two not knowing the locations in my palace well enough.

I fixed this by drilling my images for the cards over and over again. Instant recall is what you are looking for. After I got that down, I started focusing on my memory palace.

In the beginning, I had it all neat and tidy, different rooms with ten loci in each room, but that slowed me down as well. So I just created a route through my house. Actually, route is the wrong word; a racetrack is more appropriate. I spent time so that I could speed through my house, seeing all the loci.

So, now I have instant recall of my images for my cards, and I can run through my house.

Still trying to break through the 1-minute marker, but I’m getting there.

(I use Anki to practice my cards and numbers)

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