I reached level 10 images without mnemonics/techniques! 26 images in 60 seconds!

This is my first level 10 in any category. For the longest time I thought that if I were to reach level 10 in any category, numbers would be it. I am currently level 7 on numbers and I still think I can reach higher with numbers but I never expected images to be my first level 10. If I had to guess, then international names might be the next category I reach level 10 in, I am already level 8 on international names.

I knew that I was decent with recalling briefly viewed pictures and random symbols when I tested myself a long time ago on this website: http://www.iqtutors.com.au/photographic-memory-test.php

Around 30 seconds or less was all I needed and I could recall the position of 1 random symbol in a grid of 10x10 squares.

I think it was two weeks ago when I started trying to level up in the images category and I noticed immediately how fast I was progressing. I went from level 1 to 7 in almost one sitting. 8 took me a few tries and level 9 was the first level that I had to seriously focus on in order to complete. Once I reached level 9 I knew that level 10 was just a matter of time. This was a few days ago.

I gave it a few tries in the early afternoon but I couldn’t do it. I came close a few times, 2 or 3 mistakes here and there but it wasn’t enough of course. I decided to take a break and try it later again. After a few hours of doing chores, :roll_eyes:, I gave it another go. First 2 or 3 failed attempts but then I got it! :slight_smile:

The thing I am most proud about is that I did without any aid of mnemonics or techniques. I stayed true to my natural memory gift and made it! :smiley:

sorry, forgot to add picture :roll_eyes:


I managed to get till level 4 but now Im Struggling I remember first and last But i forget middle elements some times . Can you share a few tips ? How to boost imagination ?

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Perhaps start with the images in the middle? And look at the first and last images later.

I think you’ve said before you don’t use mnemonics. Please correct me if that’s wrong. If so, won’t relying on your good natural memory and abstaining from mnemonics keep you from obtaining your best memory performance?

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Probably but I am not interested in having the greatest memory performance so I am happy with what I got.

Also, there is a lot of scepticism towards good natural memory in the world of memory and calculation. I understand why, people like Daniel Tammet didn’t do the best of jobs representing good natural memory. So, I try to decrease that scepticism by a little bit by being on this site and share the extend of my cognitive abilities.


I don’t think there is much skepticism here about extraordinary memory. The skepticism is mostly directed towards the idea of “photographic memory” or “eidetic memory” as it exists in popular culture. :slight_smile:

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