I need to memorize a 988-page book

I bought a textbook and I need to memorize it to enter the DPF (Brazilian Federal Police, it is the same as the FBI, only in Brazil).
I would like to know what are the best methods to memorize it. It’s very content!
Should I use the loci method for page topics and the John Place method to memorize the content of the pages?
Or just memorize the overall concept of each page? I have never done a great feat with my memory, perhaps a book of almost 1000 pages word for word is a considerable achievement.


Have you got some experience with memorizing something longer than 100 pages already?
If not, you might be in deep water. But if you are able to memorize one page, you are able to memorize 988 pages as well. In the second case, you just need to be more determined.
And why do you need to memorize it? It needs to be done word by word? Maybe is it just more of a fun and a traning for you?

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Hello, i’m brazilian too, so, there’s a few things that you need to know before memorizing textbooks, you don’t memorize the textbook, only the meaningful parts of it.
For example, let’s look at the following sentence:
The problem of cats being fat is that they’re strange.
Well, what this phrase means is that something (CATS) has a property (FATNESS) that implies another thing (STRANGENESS).
So if one wants to memorize such phrase, one doesn’t need to memorize every letter, preposition, connective, etc. Three things are important in the Phrase, CATS, FATNESS AND STRANGENESS. Just creating a loci for these three concepts will solve the problem.
For example, i’m on medical school and i had to study an entire section of diseases, spanning about 200 pages, i didn’t memorize every word, just key concepts that fill in the whole.

So, try to break down the text, by viewing the key words, then create a loci for them.


Yep, @imgoingtowin is right. The title was quiet intriguing because you said you NEED. But in reality it doesnt work like that and we dont memorize books word by word. Maybe the right way is to memorize the important part thought by thought. :slight_smile:


Would you mind showing some examples of how you have done this for your medical school text you referenced?

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For example, if i need to memorize a biological cicle of some parasite, i create a room with the caractheristics of each phase, so in memorizing the cicle of malaria, i put each of its part of the cicle in a part of the room, so for Schizonts i use the image of someone that is crazy, for merozoites i memorized Nero, for trophozoites i memorized some plants growing.
And i also use the major system when i need to memorize some numbers, so the treatment for the Schistossoma mansoni consists of a unique dose of 15/mg kg for adults of Oxamniquine.
So 15 = TL, TaLes, a guy that i knew that was deformed, kissing my dad (an adult).
I think it’s valid to say that you need to impress your brain with meaningful images.

Is possible to remember word by word of 1000 pages? Isn’t it too much information?

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Word by word, yes it is, for that reason I said to remember some key words , usually in a paragraph you only need to remember some facts, but even so, he will need to create thousands of loci, but that could be done in some months.
If he creates 20 locis a day, in some months he will have created thousands of loci. Only today , I created about 50 loci.

It is not only to create loci, but to train it a bit. You have to feel comfortable with it. Though, possible while remembering the book.

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Creating the locations is the easy part. The difficult thing is to remember the images on the first page when I’m at 750, for example.

I agree with you, I will memorize only the most important part of each paragraph, but what about the laws that require verbatim memorization? I thought about using the John Place method of systematic reflection that I adapted. It works well for me, I have always memorized texts word for word with this method, but never a big book.
It is a complex book, there are paragraphs that need not even be memorized and there are entire pages of laws that must be memorized word for word.
One thing I wanted to do is associate the page number with its content, so I can say what’s on page 12 or 20 or 900 etc. How to do it?

To memorize every page by its content you need to have some method to do it obviously. The most obvious one is to have a separate image like e.g. a person from PAO system and every page would be some character for you. But if you do not have already such a system, it would be difficult to pick them up at first and feel naturally using them. 1000 characters is a lot. There might some other idea that comes to your mind, that is similar. You have to think it over - what would be most comfortable for you?

I’d start with just reading the introductory remarks, which usually take up 1-2 pages.

Then I’d continue by analyzing the contents and seeing of what parts the book is made up.

Then I’d read the first part, which usually makes up of some sort of overall introduction and explanation of key concepts and is usually not more than 10% of the whole thing, but nonetheless very important.

When you’re at this stage, you might already know how to deal with the further parts yourself.

I’d also familiarize myself with the actual test and check out, what exatly you even need to know - and even more important - how you need to reproduce it.

If you have to answer by way of essay, you should study the contents differently than if you answer by way of multiple choice questions. If the latter is the case, I’d immediately start off by working on available test materials and -apart from the introduction, which I most certainly would recommend to read - consult the book, when you do not understand something.

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I thought just that. I only have 00-99 system