I need some examples for movie memory palaces

Hello friends - Could those of you who use scenes from movies as memory palaces share a few of them? I need inspiration as to which scenes are usable - currently i would only use scenes where preferably no person is on the screen, and its just an image of architecture

No persons in the screen are tough, because movies are generally about the people, they are not a display of a home.

As for some good homes:

Hope that gives you some ideas already :slight_smile:

Note that these are movie places you can turn into a traditional memory palace. There are other ways to turn movies into memory palaces, if you are more interested in those, we can look at those :slight_smile:

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hey there- thanks for the suggestions - is it just me or does this method of acquiring loki feel very low yield? i have watched around 3 or 4 movies with the intent to screenshot potential memory palaces and i find that i am not gaining that much - is there any argument to be made as to why movie memory palaces are better than random images from the web that could be turned to a mp?

id love to learn what you meant with using them in other fashions

Do you play RPGs, Call of Duty, or anything like that? Those are better because you can actually walk around in them, IMO.

The reason is simple: movies/video games/apartment tours,etc can be used as 3D objects. You can visualize and walk through the MP created from videos as if it is real. But 2D images are difficult to visualize,though possible. 2D images lack in depth,direction,space…

You can even use Virtual Reality headset to view and tour 3D places(ie,games)! But with 2D images,it is too difficult to achieve the same effect…

As a beginner,I started my “Memory Palace” journey with 2D images found in google and realtor sites. But I could not go much far with this technique. Now I know that I wasted a lot of time and energy trying to convert a simple 2D image to 3D tour. Because there are thousands of free resources in net for creating a 3D tour! Instead of wasting my time in 2D images,I could have utilized 3D stuffs. Learned the lesson the hard way! :smiley:

hmm, it seems everybodys take is different on what theyre comfortable with. for me it was the exact opposite - i tried very hard to make true 3d palaces, but both the amount of loci, and the strength of loci of them was very low - so i just went thru all of my video games and screenshotted the potential places - i am much, much more comfortable with those “2d” screenshots , and random web images - i can also go through them in 3d if i want to, its a little harder but not by much