I Need Pointers for Memorizing Spelling Rules and IPA Characters

I have dyslexia. I’m currently working my way though Uncovering the Logic of English by Denise Eide to improve my spelling. It’s an excellent book that details the underlying spelling rules of English and, importantly, why they exist. So far I’m really enjoying the book.

The content that gets covered:

  • 75 common phonograms that supplement English’s 26 letter Roman alphabet. These are 2–3 letters in length and cover 98% of English spelling.
  • 48 rare phonograms that are retained mainly due to historical quirks and are only encountered in about 2% of English texts. I’m looking at you, Geoffrey Chaucer.
  • About 30 rules that govern which rules take precedence at what times. Some of these rules have sub-rules, so that bumps the list out to something closer to 40 rules.

The only down-side is the book makes use of IPA which I don’t know well and haven’t memorized. Are there known-good mnemonics for any of this?