I need help

Hello everyone I must start to tell sorry for my english. I have train memory teqhniques i about 1 year now but I have problem yet. I can memorize a deck of cards abou 4-3 minuets but when I memory fster I have problem to remeber that I memorize. That I mean is if I memorize fast I have hard to see clear pictures. How can I memory faster and see clear pictures. Can somone help me and give me some tips?

I also wounder over if its is memory apps on andorid to tarin memory teqhuniqes with?

I also think I can have synetsheia and think how I can use it when I memorize?

I want to be happy if somone answer me and want to help me

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Tips? Try timing yourself at every stage. See how long it takes you at each part and then improve on that independently.

Not sure on apps.

If you want to see how usable your synesthesia is, you can test it.

If you have synesthesia that links experience X to Y.
You can have test cases where you memorize Y using experience X, X and Y, X or Y(alternatively) and compare this to your basic performance.

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Have you tried practicing with the auto-advance feature on Memory League? It might be worth experimenting with that for a while.

Click on the “Custom” tab and set the auto-advance total time to something that is a little bit faster than you know you can do perfectly. Don’t worry about getting some answers wrong — just mix in some extra regular drills where speed is the goal instead of accuracy.

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Completely unrelated to card memorization, but something that’s helped my English punctuation & spelling (on desktop computer) is in the chrome extensions web store and it’s called grammarly.

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