I need help because I'm struggling with visualization

I’m struggling with the visualization technique because I can’t visualize images in my mind. I’m using major system every 2 digits are random person or object with a unique emotion or feeling.I place 6 digits per locus. I cannot see the locus in my mind but I can make an emotional story in the locus and when I recall the numbers I actually remember the facts and the feelings behind the story or see an image of the numbers as they appeared in the screen. Its very acomplicated to explain that. the hardest discipline for me is images because I cannot use memory palace and create a story or feel the image in my mind but I don’t care about this discipline. I just want to explain how my brain works and I was wondering if you might be able to give me some advice to improve my system for memorizing numbers and cards because even I improve I still feel stuck
I think because I see the numbers as images on the screen and not inside my mind is making my body to get close into the screen and also that’s why I never blink while the memorizing time


Interesting, I noticed that you nods while memorisation. However, didn’t even know you cannot know use mp. In addition, you have said that you can see the images.

My guess is that you are in a short term memory field. For example normal people are asked to memorise a bunch of numbers without technique. Most of them repeat mumbling the numbers, however there is a limit for them [5, 9] of digits can be memorised (based on the 7+2- rulehttps://en.m.wikipedia.org/wiki/The_Magical_Number_Seven,_Plus_or_Minus_Two). Since you trained lot in digits-to-images translation, but not with mp. So your word size is much bigger than commoners. That is 1 images = 6 digits, and you use 7+2- theory to do an instant memorisation.

In short, the biggest difference you and commoners is that you used images, meanwhile trivial people use repeating the digits, and for memory athletes they add images to mp. Correct me if my guess is wrong.

Your case is worth studying, since to attempt such a high speed, memory encoding in mind takes a lot of time. But if we can learn to verbally store the images first, we can do encryption after the reading the given materials.Such that it can be an instant raise in memory speed.

Back to the track, I think you would not have to worry about it, since you already can view digits into images. Try to make a album of your mp, and them treat them as images. Then take some time to memorise digits together with your loci photos, explaining yourself where your digits stored in.
Circle :o: the locus like what Skarlso does,
Building a Memory Palace from V's Apartment (Cyberpunk 2077).

Hopefully, after a few days, you can visit your loci together with pegs. Have fun!


My advice is, that there are always two broad categories of choices to take in this situation.

  1. Improve on what you are doing anyways.
  2. Change what you are doing.

In the case of improving, as obvious as it may sound, just knowing that you are not attempting to change anything, can make the process much easier. You would train almost every unique aspect of what you are doing in the entire procedure. For example you may increase the strength of the association between the cue (number) and result (emotion), by revisiting it frequently with that intention, triggering subsequently stronger responses of the emotion to the cue. In doing this you may find it easier to recall digits, but this is one example of many.

As for changing what you are doing. There is almost never an easy answer to this, but it makes sense to test a range of things and think about what you are doing and why you are doing it. For example you may decide to chunk emotions in groups to improve recall or change how you develop the story for a greater recall capability. More often than not, blindly testing is not sufficient. It is a good idea to have some sort of model of what you understand the reason for your successful recall to be dependent on.

As I often play around with or create particular memory techniques that do not rely on any images. Associating emotions, is highly memorable and there are definitely many other things that can be done, even things that no one else appears to have mentioned/done before.

Associating emotions freely without images (including invoking,inhibiting,amplifying) for example, is something that not many people can do at all. Other than myself, I only really know one other person that can do this, so it can definitely help quite a lot with memory recall in unexpected ways.

As long as you don’t give up there is no limit.


Daniel you can memorize a deck of cards in 25 seconds! You don’t need help, you’re the one who should be helping us!

Both you and Lynne Kelly previously wrote about suffering from aphantasia (the inability to visualize mental images). This hasn’t stopped you from becoming a highly skilled memory athlete. And it hasn’t stopped Lynne Kelly from memorizing some incredible quantities of fun and useful information.

My conclusion is that aphantasia doesn’t seem to be much of an obstacle when it comes to using memory techniques.

Relevant Why You Shouldn’t Stress Over Visual Clarity blog post by Alex Mullen

Relevant interview with Boris Konrad
His research suggests that visualization abilities are largely irrelevant to one’s skill with mnemonics.


I already did it in 24 seconds :slight_smile:
but when it comes for long numbers like 5 min event or images event so im so weak on this because of the visualiztion

USA champion John Graham has this as well. He uses loci and rather than using sight he uses feelings, like your are going around the room with your eyes closed and just feeling about with your hands. Even though you can see things you can still feel what different situations are like. Give loci a try and try feeling your pao’s throughout different locations @fogelmemory


@metivier had cured his Aphatansia, And if I remember correctly he did it by using certain methods, You can ask him about that by commenting in his YouTube Channel, He replies to all the comments,

If you want can you post one or more of your stories according to your wish as I want to know what makes you different and I think that you can be a savant!,


Have a Grand Day.