I need good websites to learn the formation of Kanji/Chinese characters

I am learning Chinese. More specifically, simplified Chinese. Can anyone here provide me websites where it is explained the meaning behind characters and their formation like “big”(a person extending his arms), “person”(a person with two legs), etc etc etc…

I have found a PDF for this while: http://nihongo.monash.edu/Etymological_Dictionary_of_Han_Chinese_Characters.pdf

I think nice questions and answers u can find on Reddit and Quora as a best Q/A sites.

While learning Kanji spaced repetition and association techniques work best. I use https://www.wanikani.com/ which uses these techniques and is free for the first three levels which is enough to understand their technique.

Wanikani site provides community tested memory associations for basic building block symbols. Then they build upon those symbols to retain complex symbols, and provide a systematic spaced repetition routine which has helped a lot of people learning Kanji. If you have not tried it do try.

I would also recommend Tofugu pages for Hiragana and Katakana