I need a collection of books for all memory techniques

Hello , I’m new here i need a road-map to learn memory techniques, books about the topic , so i can apply the techniques for my needs .thank you

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I recommend starting with the free ebook and the how to learn memory techniques page.

There’s an FAQ page with suggested memory books.

There are also some free PDF books about memory improvement on the site.

And a longer reading list here:


Definitely The Memory Book by Harry Lorayne. There is a copy on Ebay for $3.98.
Also look up Harry Lorayne Memory Power course. There are some on Ebay that is not expensive at all. The same information is also in the Roth Memory course. this was written in the early 1900’s and is a very easy read in several pamphlets. I believe you can get it for free in google books.


Thank you for your help sir

Thank you :blush:

You might find some of my reviews helpful: My Recent Reviews

My personal recommendation would be to read the PDF here, but then avoid most of the self-published e-books you’ll find online. In my experience, most of them are poorly written, poorly edited, and offer nothing you won’t find in professionally published work. Worse, they’ll lead you to believe those are the only kinds of memory books available.


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Thank you i will do by your advice