I made mnemonics for French vowels.

Hi Everyone.

This might be useful!

I wanted to tighten up my French pronunciation. Sometimes I’d use the wrong vowel or remember the wrong pronunciation. I decided to make stock mnemonics like we do in PAO to create IPA vowel people. I encoded these in an imaginary memory palace that is shaped like the French vowel IPA chart. Whenever I realize I’ve using the wrong vowel in some word… I imagine that word interacting with that character and POOF! I seem to stop making the mistake.

It’s restaurant YELL (for voyelle). All nasals vowel people are wearing fake mustaches. All rounded vowels are sitting at round tables. Frontness and backness encoded in the location. Open vowels are near the open mic.


… I don’t know how to upload a version that would have readable text. The site resized it. In the rare case anyone wants this. PM me and I’ll send you a printable PDF.

Sorry about the resizing. If you want, you can email the original to [email protected] and I’ll re-upload it in a way that bypasses the automatic resizing process.