I made a sweet Anki template for PAO based on twitter bootstrap.


Hi All,

I made an Anki template for memorizing PAO. It quizzes you on the number, PAO elements, and your mnemonic. You can get it on GitHub. It’s based on the Twitter Bootstrap framework. Let me know what you guys think and if anyone uses it! :slight_smile:

Here are front and back screenshots.



So I do not see at front just number 09, but the whole picture, the name and the only thing I do not see is the couch? That seems way too easy - nothing to recall, you see it right there.

From your github I read that every time you have all the information available, except for one (either pic, or any of the other rows) - that is too easy - every time you have the pic available, you have everything. And the only time you do not have the pic available is when you have all the components of the pic.

Have you used it? Have you found it useful?


Hi There,

I updated it since, more on that in moment. I really tried to follow those 20-rules of formatting knowledge. I’ve also been trying to make Anki reviews FAST and splitting up knowledge seems to help.

My current theme now has these cards:

  • 5x cards with everything sown but one --> test the missing item.
    • 5x cards: P.A.O., number and mnemonic
  • 3x Only one of P.A. or O. shown --> test the number
  • 3x Only number shown --> test P.A. or O.
  • 1x A card to cue you to spend a moment re-visualizing the scene in the MoL loci.

I find it works, I use anki ~ 20min a day for professional knowledge, french and memory stuff. I just don’t have time to do much more memory practice and this setup keeps my PAO system “within reach” so I can use it when I need it.

Before I had this setup, in some random situation like remembering a pad lock, I basically spent like 30 seconds per number that I had do encode and if felt like, UGH, why not just write it down?! Sometimes I’d encode it wrong. Now with a tiny bit of Anki magic, I can do it at a reasonable speed.

Do you think it’s worth updating github? I doubt anyone is going to use it…


The new setup seems to be doing more challenging reviews - this is good. I have not really looked into how much effort it will be going from github to having it feasibly generate my content, but if it would not be too much, I would give it a shot - I have built my PAO only few weeks ago and I still take a few seconds going from a number to PAO - would be happy to be able to see the number and just go to PAO skipping Major convertion and this seems like it could help with that.


I quickly exported one card it in an otherwise empty deck. Check it out. Let me know if the stye works (it might be missing the _custom_bootstrap.css file.



Seemed to work just fine. Shown card with an anonymous person and 00 on the top and some information below and blue highlighted row. Showing answer changed the anon pic to a specific person with the number and the name.


'sup @moo? You planning to do an update? I am sorta waiting for it :slight_smile:


Hi @MimKoRn, I think the exported deck with one card should actually work just fine. The one note has all the card types defined, so you can just add your own cards.

When you add one new note, and test-ahead to see all the new cards does it have everything you need? If not what is missing?