I Learned How To Solve A Rubik's Cube!


I have mastered the cube! haha Not really but I can solve Rubik’s cubes now which is something I always wanted to do. All it really takes to solve a Rubik’s cube is memory because you have to remember the positions of the cube and some algorithms. Then when you are solving the cube, you apply the right algorithm when the cube is in a certain position… Read more

(Tinh Bin Bin) #2

Nice job ! Hero ! Here is your next challenge i bet you can do it ! The rubik’s 5x5x5. You do have to use more memorize because there is one algorithm which took me months to master!! Here is the alg:
Ri2 B2 U2 Li L’ U2 Ri’ U2 Ri U2 F2 Ri F2 Li’ L B2 Rr2. For me i can solve a lot of tuff, hard and big different kinds of cube include the bagua cube. And my opinion is you shouldn’t rely to much on algorithms. You should understands your moves and how you look at the puzzle and the positions , or permutation, orientation of pieces and maybe create your own algorithm and method. It will increase your imagination which useful in memory right. And i suggest buying a new speedcube if you want to improve speed because your cube speed is not enough and it have no cornercuts for sure or if you going to solve a lot of puzzles you definity needs new cubes or you can use program PCubes to solve unmade cubes but i prefer solving real cubes when you can buy them. i will send you a page where you can get a lot of good cubes.