I have forgotten some of my number pegs


After a bit of lapse, I decided to try an exercise with random numbers on the street (license plates in particular) to come up with images for them. One of these numbers was 7582 from a license plate. In a complete and sudden spell of forgetfulness, I thought of 75 and could not recall what my image was. I had to think “7 = k/g, 5 = l, kl, call, coal, coil, ah, it was coil!” and “8 = f/v, 2 = n, fn, fan, van, fine, vine, VINE!”. I then recalled a coil wrapping around the car turning into vines as it did so - coil vine = 7582.

Earlier, I could do this near automatically, but with time, I seem to have forgotten some of my images. Is this normal? Should I replace them or just use the old ones I had forgotten?

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(Simon Orton) #2

I think this is normal after a period of not using your images.

The good thing about the Major (or Dominic) system is that you can often figure out what the images are when you forget.


(Simon Luisi) #3

I think the best time to change images is when you train a lot and realize that one image fails more than the others, on a regular basis or as you increase speed. This is not the case here.
If you stored your images in a logical way, in a memory castle, you may have this alternative to retrieve your images if you don’t remember them.
If you ask whether your case is normal, I have to wonder, what if it isn’t? Then what?

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I am still much a beginner. I devised the images following a logical system - the Major system.

I guess it might be time to review my images.



For me on the fly I would just kludge something fast 7582=KiLl FaN (kind of gory and active; lots of auditory, kinesthetic, and other extra memory weight to accompany it)