I have an IQ lower than the temperatures on the Antarctic

The company where I work was one that was selected to help test a program build by students of some universities. It was an IQ test that houses live updates of the way scores are calculated.

Basically IQ scores always have 100 in the center of the curve, so if a lot of people do a test and a lot score around 105 instead of 100, the scoring has to be moved to get the center back to 100.

The program they made does that in real time, plus some other things to make it special but I wont go into that too much.

what I remembered from the explanation, so might be slightly wrong, is that it was a program that could be put on any computer. It then sends data to the main server thingy and makes sure you get a score based on the baseline you set. Like age, education, and other things you want it to consider when calculating the 100. The score you get is one calculated against a certain reference group because that is the tool they wanted to make (so if you score against university professors, the baseline is still turned down to 100), for funs you also get a score that is put against all other data to get a more “real IQ”.


You are like me and accidentally manage to switch off the internet connection. I did the test, but nothing was ever communicated with the server so it would never calculate anything the way it was supposed to… And just like that I got my IQ.


So yeah… Hope you all have a good day!


I wouldn’t worry about it. These things happen. I hope you took a screenshot of the result for your CV (US: resume).

The best way to boost your self-confidence is to try several of the sites that calculate your IQ. The results are always guaranteed to be at least 105.

An added benefit is that IT guys might get good practice in removing malware and viruses from the proxy server.

Also, you should have a chat with the student developers of your client-side software. Their code should be able to trap any rubbish that might be caused by dropped connections, and present some meaningful message, such as “ABEND:22.137:a:C73A9”


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I use it to brag ^^ first negative IQ ever

I dont take it too seriously anyway. It was a fun test and the result made it a fun experience :smiley: I tend to not worry about the results of such tests, I do now worry if the end version is going to be Maya-proof.


You might end up being their poster child for Six Sigma. :wink: Holy standard deviation Batman!

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An IQ lower than the temperatures on the Antarctic? That’s cool.


I have an IQ lower than the temperatures on the Antarctic

Hi Mayarra, just noticed the title of this post whilst scrolling through the forum . Normally I don’t correct the English of others as mine own is pretty ropey but I always appreciate people correcting my German and as your English is superb I’m guessing you’ll appreciate being reminded that in English it would be more usual to say "in the Antarctic’- despite perhaps ‘on’ being more logical (and you’ll know by now that ‘logic’ and ‘English’ are not happy bedfellows).

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Oh thanks ^^

I do have an IQ of -63 after all :stuck_out_tongue:

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Unless it’s of instead of in creating a poor man’s adjective (“antarctic temperatures”).

The more interesting choice is the article+plural (“the temperatures”), which makes it sound like specific measurements over time; whereas, article+singular or plural-without-article is talking about temperature in general. The argument could be made that it should be singular to match the singular “IQ” it’s being compared to.

@GibtsDochGarNicht thoughts?

Yes but that’s why I said ‘usual’. Using ‘of’ would tend to sound a little dated/formal. My knowledge of English grammar isn’t such that I would want to voice an opinion as to whether she might better have used the art+sing, but how she phrased it otherwise sounds ‘good’ to me.

:grin: . :+1: . :two_hearts:

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