I developed software which converts text notes mind maps automatically

It seems ti be the right place to tell about this.

So please check out my creation :slight_smile: http://memofon.com

What you think, could it be useful?

Hi !
I am happy to see you here (I am one of your earliest followers :wink: )
I feel like you are on a very promising project. Your format could become and evolve as a sort of standard for Mindmaps on the web, it could be integrated in an handy way in many different places. For example, a memofon code here may be useful in many places (like in forums for example).
Concerning specifically http://memofon.com/ for the moment it’s a bit hard to use in a fast way, for example it would be a real plus if in the text windows “tab” just after “enter” could indent the whole line (and then produce a sub-node).
For the moment my keys to make a sub-node is to use keys “enter, start_line, tab, end_line”. You see what I mean ?
The fact that memofon is text-based may also get the collaboration easier, have you thought about integrate an etherpad in your application ?

Hi Bruno, nice to meet you here :slight_smile:

First of all - thank you for your early participation in the project. It’s hard to imagine how impressed i’m that after months of development it’s live and people actually use and like it.

Integration. Agree it definitely needs some sort of API.

Editor text functions. I do see what you mean and it’s what i’m working on currently! For the moment my source of inspiration of how Markdown based text editor should look like comes from this link : http://brettterpstra.com/2012/05/06/my-ultimate-markdown-editor-wishlist/

Etherpad. I like etherpad and the idea behind. But for the moment it looks just too much for me… Not sure. Probably just wiki-style versioning would work?

Slava Snezhkov