I competed against some people with no training. Got destroyed

I only have about 20 numbers left to remember for the Dominic system. I need to reinforce the actions next.
Because of this, I thought I’d dive straight into testing with a game of remembering a sequence of numbers with my wife and a student.

I lost.


I have my people and my actions but I need to practice linking the characters together. I was placing the characters around the room I’m in and one of them was almost around the corner. Funnily enough, that was one of the ones I forgot.

Anyway, that I need to practice more is not the interesting thing. The interesting thing is what these people do to remember numbers.

My wife can remember 30+ digits and she’s doesn’t know any of these mnemonic techniques. She’s never even thought about it. I asked her how. At first she says she doesn’t know but we dug a bit deeper and we think she’s using BUS ROUTES.

I also lost against my 9 year old student. He’s never tried to do anything like this. The idea was that I would beat him and then I can teach him some of the techniques. Instead he beat me.
Again, I asked how he did this. He says that he ‘remembers the sound and the rhythm’. I didn’t think this would work. We distracted each other between rounds with a number of grammar exercises. He only remembered 8-9 numbers but I can’t keep numbers in my mind like that while switching task like he did.

The key thing here though is that they are using what they already have and using that as the starting point rather than what I’m doing, which is going in the opposite direction.
Personally though, when I see a number, there’s aren’t many that remind me of anything significant. I don’t remember any bus routes and I don’t really hear much rhythm to them either.


Keep practising. Eventually you will outperform them. From my experience, the thing that makes mnemonics really useful is the consistency of the speed you get. I don’t use mnemonics either and I need inconsistently more time to memorize larger numbers. This is a problem that I don’t think I can solve because it seems like a brain problem instead of a performance problem.

An example:
my fastest feat with numbers is 30 digits in 30 seconds. But I need 1 minute for 40 digits and around 2 minutes for 80 digits. And these stats are in my warmed up form, when I do a few of these before I really try. I haven’t done any memorization of anything in a while and if I were to try now then I would need 40-60 seconds to memorize 30 digits. I did a smalll test a few days ago and I needed 2 minutes to do a 4 by 4 multiplication which is significantly longer than 6 months ago when I could do these in 20-40 seconds, depending on the numbers.

With mnemonics you don’t have these problems, at least not to the same degree. Mnemonics allows you to memorize 100 digits with somewhat the same consistency and speed as 80 digits.

If you keep practising, you will destroy them by a mile :+1:


It’s great that you tried that out :slight_smile: Once you have your system ready and practice with it on a regular basis, you’ll get quite fast with it.

What do you use your system for in your daily life? I think one of the best ways to practice is to incorporate the system in your work or just anything in your daily life so it doesn’t feel like a chore to practice the system.