I challenged myself to sudden recall after a lack of practice

It’s been an insane few months. After a mental health crisis, I decided to recall what I had learned after I had forgotten to practice it to cement in my memory.

In February 2019, I learned the locations of all 85 of Russia’s federal subjects, practicing it on and off since then. I was scheduled to do a recall… a month or so ago, but with my mental health, I opted not to.

I’m feeling better, so I decided to practice… COLD. Just to see how much I have remembered without the benefit of practicing at all - my last recall session was a few months ago.

I wrote a list from 1-85, splitting it up into the types of federal subjects that Russia has. 22 republics, 9 krais, etc. to keep track of things. I gave myself 1 hour to write down as much of what I could remember as possible.

I remembered 79 of them. After discounting spelling errors, I remembered 73 of them with the correct spelling, or 86%.

Not bad for someone who’s been out of practice for a bit too long.