I can't use PAO effectively

Hello, guys, I’m having some problems while doing number memory using PAO.
I’m trying to memorize 30 numbers in 60s, but when going fast, I can’t remember some objects… Does anybody have ideia about what’s happening to me?
I can see the actions very well…

Do you happen to have examples of images that give you trouble?

Generally speaking, what works best for me is to really have it all interact. Usually I use the same formula for my images, and when I forget a part it tends to be because I didn’t do the interaction right.

My standard formula is:
[Person] does [action] to the [locus] with the [object]

So if I have Albert Einstein, Smashing and Dragon Egg, at the Sofa, the image I will see is Albert Einstein Smashing the Sofa with the Dragon Egg.

Next in the image is key to interaction: consequence

As Albert Einstein smashes the egg around, the egg breaks and splashes dragon goo all over the Sofa.


It has been argued that a good PAO system uses quality actions. This may be defined as actions that inherently use objects. For example, eating. By definition one must eat something such as eat a sandwich, eat a bicycle, or eat a flamingo. The use of strong actions will increase the likelihood of recalling the objects.

In my opinion, an example of a weak action is one that does not necessarily involve an object. Examples of weak actions: singing, moonwalking, or burping. Of course one could sing AT, Moonwalk or Burp ON something but one could also imagine these actions without objects.

Another thing to consider is to not have similar objects or persons. Making sure the actions are distinct, so picking up and lifting are similar actions, these could be avoided because they could potentially cause confusion during recall.

Mayarra, I thought you made a good point about interaction with the locus. Lance Tschirhart once said that it is not sufficient to merely visualize an image in front of a locus. There must be another reason that reminds us of the object other then “I visualized them near each other”