I can't find my account on Memory League

(Simon Luisi) #1

It has been a while since I last trained on Memory League. When I decided to train today, I couldn’t find my account. I think I was using Luisi as name there. Has anything changed? I could not even find any ranking on the board for me. I guess I can start back and re register but I would like to know what happen, in case anyone here might know.

(Simon Orton) #2

The leaderboard only shows people who have trained or competed within the last 90 days, so you may have dropped off there if it’s been longer than that.

There is an account with the display name Luisi - it has a Yahoo email address if that helps.

(Simon Luisi) #3

Oh yes, it has been about a year and a half since I last trained on it. No, the yahoo email does not work: I use it to try and log in and it says it sent me an email but none arrive.


I checked and the sign in emails are being delivered. Did you already try checking your spam folder to see if the email went there?

(Simon Luisi) #5

I just found I have received the links in my email but this does not happen instantaneously and if it takes more than 30 minutes, the link dies. Ho well, I should manage to get in now. I hope it is not always this slow.

(Simon Luisi) #6

It has been 15 minutes now since I tried to log in again and the link has still not arrived.

(Simon Luisi) #7

It stii hasn’t arrived and when it will arrive, if it does, the link will have expired and no longer allow me to log in.


We’re looking into this and I sent you a PM about it.