I can memorize cards!

A few days ago I figured out how I can memorize cards. Through rote memorization.

I always had a feeling that I could recall cards quickly but I couldn’t figure out how my brain prefers to memorize them. When I tried to memorize cards, I could memorize the numbers and letters of cards quickly but the symbols threw me off if I tried to chunk all that information in my brain. I would say what card it was, like 10 of spades, king of hearts etc but it didn’t work well. Then I tried to memorize the numbers/letters and the symbols seperately and it worked!

I haven’t memorized an entire deck yet but I did memorize 26 cards in 2-3 minutes, so I would guess that 52 cards would take around 5 minutes :slight_smile:


I think you should use your brain to study Law. It would be easy for you. Or maybe Chemistry.

Thanks but I don’t really have much interests in those fields.
I do think that I could get a degree in them if I tried. a couple of years ago I was learning chemistry when I still went to college and on the second day I already had memorized half of the periodic table of elements during a 5 minute break :smiley:


I understand.

Do you training for mental calculation? If yes, how many time a day?

Im training 20 min a day but I suspect that I wont never be able to do 5 digit × 5 digit multiplication in my head. I reached my limit.

No, I don’t train. I am just exploring my abilities for now.

Keep trying, my friend. Perhaps you should practice with paper first? Try to do a 5 digit x 5 digit multiplication in your head and if you get stuck, write the last thing you remember down so you can see it on paper and then try to continue the calculation from there.

I can recite the answer of a 5 x 5 digit multiplication and I think a 6 x 6 too but with a 7 x 7 digit multiplication I have to write the answer down. This does not mean that 7 x 7 is my limit though, it just means I need to invest time but like I said I don’t train.
If you can do 80% of the calculation from a 5 x 5 digit in your head then with more time and practice, you will do 100%.


With your memory you can be an actor. Think about. Of course there are other qualities and necessary conditions BUT memory are a sine qua non. How many Hollywood actors want a such memory!

Think about. Wasting your talent would be a pity.

I can memorize text pretty quickly but like you said, there are other qualities and condition necessary. One of which is being very social, that is where I drop off, haha. I am not cut out for jobs like that.

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