I am wondering about memory competitions?

Hello again guys. I have been learning great ideas from this forum. But ı wonder something. It is very hard to start memory techniques at first but somehow ı am getting used to some habits. But for example in memory competitions how can people memorize random numbers as fast as in minutes or seconds? It is so hard when ı see the random numbers first of all ı am thinking a story but it takes at least 4-5 minutes. After that putting them in to memory palace it takes 4-5 minutes too. How the people doing this in seconds or 1-2 minutes? How does this whole process shorten?



There are some ways to look at it. A common analogy is with muscles.

A beginner can’t lift a heavy dumbbell, tires easily, is slow etc. By training they become better and it just so happens that this applies to the whole process you are mentioning.


Bad technique can make training inefficient. It’s good to keep track of where you lose time and subsequently optimize.


I think the most important thing you should focus on is what you want to achieve. People get those crazy scores because they train a lot and find the systems that work for them. But if you don’t want to reach that level, then you would probably train less and focus more of your energy on your projects. It is good to see other scores as motivation but not necessarily the place you have to be to make progress or to be happy.

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