I am stucked on memorizing my 3 digit Number system...HELP

I finished building my number system recently. I realised building the system is just one-fourth of the work ingrained in the process!
I am starting to memorize the system
Some numbers I forget, some I remember!
Any help pls!
Also share your experience when memorizing your 3 digit system!

My approach:
Step 1: set up flashcards on Mnemosyne or Anki or similar and train with that, just as if you were memorizing vocabulary for long term
Step 2: once you know almost all of them, train for speed. I go through the simulator, but rather than memorizing, I just read the objects back to myself as quickly as possible. If I can do 360 binary digits in 2 minutes I know I’m on top form, but I’m sure I could get faster if I trained more seriously.


This may be the slow approach but this is what I plan to do for my 3 digit system. I would do speed drills with 20 numbers a week (30 minutes in the morning and 30 minutes in the afternoon). 1000 divided by 20 is 50 and by one year you would master all the digits.

Assuming you already have 00-99 mastered

Speed Drills
Week 1: 100-120 (30 mins / 30 mins)
Week 2: 120-140 (30 mins / 30 mins)
Week 3: 140-160 (30 mins / 30 mins)
and so on.

However, during each week read through all of your numbers at least once but first recognition drills (just recognizing the object) and then visualization drills (visualizing the image as you would in memorizing something).

You can memorize writhing ranges. For example, memorizing combinations within the 100-120 range. On a paper only write randomized numbers in that range.

Memorize Practice for 100-120 could be something like this: 101 106 120 117 111 and practicing to make images through those number combinations. Then you could time yourself.

During speed drills you can also use a metronome and gradually increase the speed.

From all the posts I’ve read on the Art of Memory and all of the interviews I’ve listened to i have noticed a common theme: flashcards, speed drills and visualization. One has also argued that one should not practice the number discipline until you have a good grip of them on your speed drills, that your number one priority is the ability to recognize the numbers. Then in the mean time continuing to practice names and images.

However, with that said I’ve seen others make a 1,000 images quickly, practice with them in the numbers discipline although they haven’t fully mastered them and they have excellent results. But I’m just giving my opinion and how I would approach it. I think a 1000 is a lot and I would prefer to go at a slower pace.


Go to Flashing Numbers | Art of Memory
Set time to 1 sec
start flashing
recall as fast as possible
if you make mistakes note the number down
This is why I love PAO for numbers