I am starting university soon..?

(Mat Deris) #1

Thank you for deciding to read my post :slight_smile:

I am 23 years old guy, and I used to have a really good memory, but I was envied by some of my peers because of my intelligence during my secondary school and I was bullied every single day for around 2 years, and as a result, my focus is really bad, thus I cannot memorize easily, and which is more difficult even though is the retention of what I memorized. For example, if I want to retain some parts from the middle of what I memorized or so, I cannot bring those words to my mind, I feel the file is there, but I am just not able to bring it to mind. I never tried the ways talked about in the Art of Memory here.
I was diagnosed with Depression, Anxiety, and OCD as a result of being bullied.

I will be next year enrolling in a religious university where they require memorizing lots of passages, and sometimes books. Can I succeed there? Is there still a hope for me?

I really hope that you with all your great knowledge about memory, you can help me with that.

Thank you Guys!


Practice makes perfect, and I believe that if you keep practicing you will certainly improve. If you can’t seem to improve, just post about it here and if people can help you, they will. :slight_smile:
If focus is your main problem, try reading a good book with a good story. The good story will make you want to keep reading probably, which requires some focus. Because of that, your general focus may improve.

There is always hope, as long as you will put in the effort. ^^

(Josh Cohen) #3

I was bullied very badly when I was younger too. It can take a while, but things can get a lot better with time. There definitely is hope for you. :slight_smile:


You can improve your memory like a champ. Take memory techniques step by step so you get use to them and have more confidence in applying them.

You can do it!